American Society of Magazine Editors

Top Member FAQs of 2012

You have questions? We have answers! MPA's Director of Information Services reveals the most popular info requests and questions he fielded from member magazine media companies this year.  Click on the questions to discover the answers.

What material do you have on the power of print as an ad medium?

Our yearly MPA Magazine Media Factbook is devoted to asserting and reminding people of the power of print with research supporting the medium over all, and also several sections highlighting the strength of magazines in specific ad categories like pharma, or toiletries and cosmetics among many, many others.

What is the effectiveness of scent strips, inserts or special impact sections?

Along with our Magazine Media Factbook, the advertising case studies database provides various examples of success stories.

What are the new launches along editorial categories, which are strongest?

Our website offers two unique resources to answer this question, one is MPA’s New and Noted which captures the very latest announcements of magazine launches that are hitting newsstands or that are about to publish, the second are the New Magazine Launches by Category pages which total yearly magazine launches by category.

What are the circulation totals for magazines by title in a given year?

The Info Center compiles annualized circulation averages based upon A.B.C.’s Fas Fax data. The figures are accessible on our website across a great range of time, and organized across several important measures and detail such as single copy, subscriptions and total paid circulation.

What are the ad revenue or ad page totals by title in a given year?

We have archived snapshots of PIB advertising data by magazine title, and one of the most popular ways to access the yearly totals is in our website section devoted to year-to-date totals. 

Need additional assistance? Contact Sandy Jimenez at MPA's Info Center: