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Programmania Recap | June 18, 2015


As magazine media become increasingly data-driven and automated, there are structural changes and a reordering of ad sales and marketing strategies, metrics, workflow and processes – ultimately affecting how we as an industry generate ad revenue across the media ecosystem.  On June 18, Programmania showcased leaders in magazine media and their technology partners by giving the audience tips, insights and new resources immediately applicable to their own business agendas.   


Surviving and Thriving in the Programmatic Sea Change

Eric John, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy and Initiatives, MPA - The Association of Magazine Media kicked off the event by outlining how programmatic has become the most prevalent digital media trend reaching critical mass in 2015. He emphasized that: 
  • It’s a not a new channel, but rather a way to employ technology to enable automation and efficiency across an increasingly wide range of inventory (including print)
  • How important partnerships with tech vendors can be in an increasingly fragmented media landscape
  • How data, measurement and new standards like viewability are driving not only the currency and valuation of audiences but also impacting how content and advertising is designed and delivered to 
“It’s critical”, he said “that we become as fluent in the technology as our tech partners so that we can collaborate, customize and exert more control over how programmatic transactions are conducted.”   John summarized by saying that goal for the conference was to bring together publishers and tech partners to share best practices and lessons learned in the programmatic journey, because “the truth is, no one has this all figured out yet”.

Translating the Jargon of Programmatic and Data-Driven Publishing

Susan Bidel, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research shared an overview of the digital publishing technology landscape used in programmatic. She also deconstructed the jargon and acronyms used in the world of programmatic while exploring the growth underway in specific categories,   showing examples of publishers who have engineered their business, technology stack and processes that support programmatic sales across multiple titles, channels and devices. 


So You Want To Go Programmatic

Todd Krizelman, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, MediaRadar and Chip Schenck, Vice President, Programmatic Sales and Strategy, Meredith Digital shared the trials and tribulations of rolling out digital programmatic sales platforms. Their session explored technology, staffing and execution issues including how to build, partner and buy the right blend of solutions to drive the most value from programmatic.

Click here for Krizelman's slides.


   Revving Up Revenue 

The “Revving Up Revenue” panel discussion shed light on the complexities of programmatic and how leaders in the media industry are generating revenue in this new ecosystem. Panelists discussed how digital inventory is being allocated and priced and how programmatic is fundamentally changing the way advertising sales and buying organizations are structured, including the talent requirements for this new world order.
  • Wenda Harris Millard, President and Chief Operating Officer, MediaLink (Moderator)
  • Paul Caine, Global Chief Revenue and Client Partnerships Officer, Bloomberg Media Group
  • Todd Haskell, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Hearst Magazines Digital Media
  • Lesley Nadler, ‎Executive Director, Head of Digital Sales, Condé Nast
  • Anush Prabhu, Partner, Chief Channel Planning and Investment Officer, Deutsch NY
  • Mac Delaney, Senior Vice President, Programmatic, Starcom MediaVest Group


Discovering The Programmatic Marketplace

Stephen Davis, President, SRDS & Healthcare Research, Kantar Media shared new research showing how the availability of programmatic inventory is changing integrated media planning and buying and how 67% of publishers are already embracing programmatic with 43% leveraging Private Marketplaces (PMP). Davis explained that in 2015, 54% of publishers expect that at least 15% of their 2015 digital budget will be bought programmatically and how publishers can seize the opportunity by leveraging demand discovery tools including 

Click here for Davis's slides.

Click here for Davis's video.


The Road To Viewability

George Ivie, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, MRC, Jonah Goodhart, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Moat and Keith Grossman, Publisher, Bloomberg Digital and Digital Products, Bloomberg Media Group discussed the rollout of viewability, and what's next in terms of potentially establishing an attention-based currency across platforms.  The session also went into detail about how the standards for viewabilty on desktop/laptop and video are defined, and how there's more work to be done to address the challenge of mobile viewabilty and to enable certification of standards across all formats and platforms.  

Click here for Ivie's slides.

Click here for Ivie's video.

Click here for The Road to Viewability Panel Discussion.


Trust & Transparency in an Era of Programmatic Media

Tom Drouillard, Chief Executive Officer, President and Managing Director, AAM talked about issues like viewability, online ad fraud and nonhuman traffic are complicating programmatic media buying.  Tom also explained how AAM is addressing these issues in the programmatic and digital publishing space with new initiatives alongside the Trustworthy Accountability Group, IAB and MRC. 

Click here for Drouillard 's slides.

Click here for the AAM digital whitepaper.

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Maximizing Your Audience Through Data: Increasing Reach and Revenue Through DMPs, SSPs and Beyond 

Alysia Borsa, Senior Vice President, Chief Data Officer and Mobile Strategy, Meredith Digital and Michael Moreau, Chief Solutions Officer and General Manager, Interchange, Krux discussed methods for extracting the most value from data including best practices for leveraging DMPs (Data Management Platforms) to create additional ad products and extend reach and impressions for data-driven, audience-based buys.

Click here for Moreau's slides.

The Rise of Print of Programmatic

Samuel Cox, Vice President, OPEN Global Media, MediaMath and Andy Blau, Senior Vice President Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales & Marketing, Time Inc. gave an overview of how Time Inc. is enabling media-buying agencies to target specific audience categories across a variety of Time Inc. titles, and how this strategy is evolving the way it conducts its cross-platform and integrated media business. 

Click here for Cox and Blau's video.


Maximizing Mobile Revenue Strategies

Ryan McConville, Chief Operating Officer, Kargo and Tom Davis, Chief Marketing Officer, Forbes Media talked about how mobile is rapidly becoming the primary driver of growth for site traffic and the implications for publisher revenue. They discussed advanced strategies that address opportunities and challenges from an ad serving, targeting, creative and measurement perspective.

Click here for Davis's slides.

Click here for McConville's slides.   


Inventory and Yield Optimization 101 

In the final session of the day, the panel discussed Yield and Revenue Optimization, how measurement of audience quality is intersecting with inventory value and where yield optimization fits into the technology stack. The discussion ranged from how publishers and tech vendors are working to achieve optimal value for premium inventory across display, mobile, video and rich media to how ad ops teams—operating at the center of programmatic--are increasingly becoming more "hunter" than “gatherer.”
• Christian Baesler, President, Bauer Xcel Media
• David Hahn, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Integral Ad Science
• Dana Caputo, Director, Programmatic Ad Operations, TEN: The Enthusiast Network
• Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal, Prohaska Consulting and Eric John, MPA (moderators)