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Monday, November 19, 2019

Troy Young, President, Hearst Magazines on Creating Content with Purpose and Making Life Better for Customers
On the role of print today: “I would say that in all mediums we have to serve the customers and understand how we are serving those customers. And I call that content with purpose. And I think we just have to be incredibly mindful, whenever we’re delivering a magazine into someone’s home or we are engaging that consumer on YouTube, why we’re there and how we make someone’s life better. Print is heavily edited and curated and it’s like a celebration or an event that happens once a month. And there’s something really wonderful about that. And it’s a lean-back experience that I think gives a consumer a break from the intensity of the digital world. And I think increasingly that people are going to look for that. So, print plays a really important role in saying this is important and this has a place in culture, and take a moment to think and read about this and consume it. And I think our magazines are going to play an important role in how we do that for a long, long time.” —Troy Young.
Travel + Leisure Debuts Locals, Its First IGTV Series
“Whether you’re an active traveler or simply wish to experience the best a location has to offer through the eyes of a resident, 'Locals' will reveal the true, authentic appeal of these amazing places,” stated Litty Flynn, lifestyle executive producer, Meredith.
OUT Magazine Looks to Expand
In an interview with Adweek, (Phillip Picardi) says he wants to use the platform to give a range of perspectives a voice, diversify the brand’s revenue streams and increase the number of magazines it prints. He also wants to broaden the brand’s audience, which Picardi says has largely been male-dominated.
With Five New Hires, Hearst UK Merges Print and Digital Branded Content Teams
In order to make the buying process easier for branded content clients — as well as nudge them into spending more — Hearst U.K. has integrated its print and digital branded content teams. The publisher has also hired five more people to this team, bringing its total size to 25.
Photographer Mary Rozzi’s Magazine The September Issues Takes on Seduction
Titled “Seduction,” the biannual magazine — which featuring only female contributors — tapped Alewya Demmisse and Sveta Black as its cover stars along with the work of Laura Bailey, Lauren Wasser, Tessa Kuragi, Maisie Cousins, Kristen Liu-Wong, Marilyn Minter and Juno Calypso inside.
Our/Los Angeles Vodka: Taste. Listen. Read. Building a Brand through the Immersive Experience of Voice and Print
Dr. Husni interviews Anton Van Der Woude, Managing Partner, Our/Los Angeles Vodka: “We felt that it completed the package. It’s another way of collaborating and tying in links with local artists. The local zine artist is pretty well-respected. Also with the three, we have the taste – the vodka; we have the listen – the podcast; and we have the read – the zine. So, it’s full circle really. Taste, listen and read.”
Medmen’s Ember Magazine Expands into a Digital Cintent Platform
In 2018, Cannabis retailer MedMen has ramped up its marketing efforts, debuting two campaigns as well as its own glossy publication, Ember, in partnership with Paper magazine. Now, the title has expanded to become a digital content platform.
By 2020, Bayer Will Take All of Its Media Buying in-House
Starting in 2019, Bayer will drop its hybrid model and grow its internal marketing team to 20 or more people.
If You hate the Media, You’re More Likely to Be Fooled by a Fake Headline
You’re also more likely to confuse news and opinion — but more likely to think you never need any help finding accurate information online, thankyouverymuch.
How The Wall Street Journal Is Preparing Its Journalists to Detect Deepfakes
Artificial intelligence is fueling the next phase of misinformation. The new type of synthetic media known as deepfakes poses major challenges for newsrooms when it comes to verification.
"Less than a McDonald’s Happy Meal:" Facebook’s Video Ad Breaks Aren’t Working for Creators
Part of creators’ frustrations falls on Facebook, particularly how the platform is monetizing these channels through its Creator Studio.
New Magazine Media 360° Data — The September 2018 Brand Audience Report Is Here!
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media released the September 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report today, showing that Total Audience for magazine media–a massive 1.7 billion–continues to grow year-over-year (+1.4%). Performance by media platform mirrors that of last month, and continues to demonstrate that the magazine audience “pie” is growing overall, with the size of the pieces shifting by platform. To review the September 2018 Brand Audience Report, please click here [ ]. To review the September 2018 Brand Audience Report infographics, click here [ ] and the latest Top Ten list by clicking here [ ] and the Brand Rankings are accessible here [ ].
This edition features 20% more of the independent research, statistics and compelling facts that articulate the power of magazine media and its effectiveness compared to other media. Please find: New category data and charts from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Social Media Engagement Factor. New multimedia comparisons proving magazine readers are the strongest everyday influencers. New data proving advertising in magazines raises brand awareness and purchase intent. New Pharma ROAS case studies that show magazines drive conversions to branded prescription drugs. •New charts that show while trust in platforms declines, trust in journalism rebounds. •New charts that show how magazines excel in motivating consumer trial with featured samples and coupons. •New charts that show the role of print and subscriptions in the circulation mix. We encourage you to use this information in your own brand presentations, marketing and conversations. Please let us know if you’d like additional copies—and be sure to share the digital versions (PDF and Powerpoint) at
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