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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Study: Magazine Sites' Video, Mobile Audiences Soared in July
Melynda Fuller reports "The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report revealed some impressive numbers across video and mobile for July 2018. Video showed an increase of 56.7%, while mobile was up by 22.5% from a year ago. The report notes that the video audience metrics are revamped, being culled from comScore’s Video Metrix Multi-Platform, which measures net audience viewed on desktop and/or mobile devices."
These Are the 25 Most Influential People in Publishing
Jonathan Wells writes "From the founders of entertainment empires to the editors-in-chief of some of the top daily newspapers, these are the media moguls worth mentioning." Robert A. Sauerberg Jr, CEO of Condé Nast; Vanessa Kingori, publishing director of British Vogue; Edward Enninful, editor of British Vogue; Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor in chief of The Economist; and Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Condé Nast International are among the notables in this ranking.
How Golf Digest Helped Free an Innocent Man from Prison
A wrongly convicted man walked out of a Buffalo courtroom on Wednesday and breathed freedom for the first time in nearly three decades – thanks in large part to investigative journalism by Golf Digest magazine.
Delish, Krups Partner on Branded Food Truck
Hearst-owned food brand Delish is partnering with kitchen appliance company Krups on a customized food truck, which will give out free coffee and treats.
Condé Nast International to Launch Vogue Greece Edition
The launch which will debut both in print and online in Spring 2019, reflects the growing boom of new design, talent and the luxury market in Greece.
Q&A with Brian Wendel and Elizabeth Turner of Forks Over Knives Magazine
“I believe in print because we’re seeing quite a bit of success with it, honestly. When it comes to this type of magazine, I think there’s still a demand for it. The computer is great, but people still want to have something they can hold in their hand, take recipes from. It’s easier to bring a magazine into the kitchen that it is a computer. There’s just something more tangible about it. Something beautiful about a magazine that’s just not captured on a computer. And I’m not knocking a computer, I just think this type of content is still nice to bring into the kitchen or kick back in a hammock with. The need for it is still there.” Brian Wendel, founder and president of of Forks Over Knives Magazine.
This Weekend’s New York Times Magazine Won’t Be Filled with Words
The upcoming issue will be heard, not read: “We have really just reinvented how you work your way through a magazine and the kind of experience you have,” said Jake Silverstein, editor of The New York Times Magazine.
French Magazine Loses Appeal over Duchess of Cambridge Topless Photos
Appeals court upholds fine for breach of privacy and dismisses Closer’s appeals: "The magazine was also ordered to pay €100,000 in damages to the royal couple, considerably lower than the €1.5m the couple’s legal team had demanded."
MRC Releases "Content-Level" Brand Safety Guidelines
“The official guidelines, dubbed “Supplemental Guidance on the Content Level Context and Brand Safety Ad Verification,” were issued as a preliminary draft earlier this summer with a request for industry stakeholders to make public comments. The MRC says the final release enables “services and platforms” to apply to the MRC to accredit their own content-level brand safety ad verification processes.”
National Geographic to Show How This Fungus Helped Scientists Make Beer's Biggest Discovery in 135 Years
"Heineken and National Geographic are releasing a short documentary Monday to chronicle the journey that led Diego Libkind to find the yeast strain he and some colleagues determined to be the missing parent of lager yeast...Though Heineken hired National Geographic to produce the branded content, Brendan Ripp, executive vice president of sales and partnerships at the media conglomerate, says the narrative shows symbiosis with its own mission to promote environmental appreciation and conservation." writes Tara Nurin.
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