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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Here Are Some of the Ways Insiders Think Marc Benioff Could Make TIME Magazine Great Again After the $190 Million Deal
"Meredith Corporation thoughtfully found buyers who respect the trust and credibility that is so strongly associated with the TIME brand," Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO of the Association for Magazine Media, said. "I've been told the Benioffs have a profound commitment to community and to finding solutions to some of society's most complex problems, and that they are as committed as TIME is to the sharing and debating of competing ideas and to journalism of the highest quality," she added.
Marc Benioff Explains Why He Is Buying Time Magazine
Late Sunday, the West Coast-based tech billionaire discussed via text message why he was entering the East Coast-based media industry by acquiring Time Inc.’s flagship publication.
TIME Magazine Deal Is a Win for Legacy Brands in the Digital Age
Lucia Moses writes "If the past few years of digital media’s rise have shown anything, it’s the importance of brand. Backed by venture capital money, digital upstarts came out of nowhere and built big ad-supported audiences on social media, using tactics that old media would eagerly copy. Unrealistic growth expectations collided with reality, and tough times ensued for companies like LittleThings, Mashable and BuzzFeed."
TIME Taps New Hires As It Transitions to New Ownership
TIME Editor in Chief Edward Felsenthal — who will remain editor as the publication changes hands, sent a letter to staff Friday, announcing seven new staffers, seven new promotions and new assignments.
The Two Reasons Billionaires Keep Snapping up Print Media Companies
“Billionaires from the tech world see the enduring value of the printed product, even when people in the industry don’t,” said Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. There is value in the print brand’s history, and a print product is less disposable than a digital product where you read and then click away, he said.
Can Trusted Brands Beat "Fake News?"
Yale Insights talked with Allan Murray, the chief content officer, for Time Inc., about the organization, media in the smartphone era, and journalism’s future role in society.
Adam Hodgkin: Are Magazines Still Periodicals?
Very few magazines have been able to stem the digital tide aimed at ad revenue. There are one or two exceptional examples of magazines that have moved successfully to majority funding from digital ads, but the magazines had to be made into databases to take advantage both of product differentiation and audience differentiation...
BoSacks Readers Speak Out: on Resolving Newsstand Gridlock
Readers and industry notables anonymously react and comment on the recent Baird Davis article on the challenges in the Single Copy channel.
Amazon Probes Removal of Negative Reviews
The investigation is partly based on a report claiming employees sold data and accepted bribes from independent merchants, published in "The Wall Street Journal."
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