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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hearst Dives into Commerce, Memberships, for Bicycling, Runner’s World
Hearst Magazines has adopted a new business model for its sports titles, Bicycling and Runner’s World, to expand their reach into e-commerce and memberships.
InStyle Expands Its "Badass Women" Franchise with the Premiere of an Original Weekly Video Series Sponsored by Reebok
The "Badass Women" franchise is the brainchild of InStyle Editor-in-Chief, Laura Brown, who is passionate about showcasing females making a difference in their professions, communities and the world around them.
Q&A with Nina Garcia of Elle Magazine
A year into leading Elle, Garcia spoke to WWD about print's place, celebrities interviewing themselves and the surprise hit "Project Runway."
New York Magazine's The CUT Doubles Down on Its Viral-Headlines T-Shirt Collection with a New Amazon Street Campaign
Back in the Spring, New York Magazine's The Cut style/fashion vertical launched a line of t-shirts ripped, in part, right from the headlines—its own headlines. Now, just in time for New York Fashion Week (Sept. 6-14), The Cut is doubling down on the line and doing a street-campaign collaboration with Merch by Amazon, the print-on-demand shop that produces the $25 shirts available at The Cut Shop.
Wine Spectator Sues Pot Magazine for Copying Its Style
M. Shanken Communications, the wine magazine’s publisher, says the California-based pot publication is “blatantly” ripping it off in an effort to make consumers think Wine Spectator has expanded into the drug business.
Launch Monitor: August Gave Us 19 New Titles for an Amazing Summer Wrap-Up
—If Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time.
How Interview Magazine Came Back from the Dead
The magazine’s president and chief revenue officer say controversial longtime owner Peter Brant is out, and a new cost-conscious era is in. But can Interview rid itself of its baggage?
Snap Inc. Shares Hit All-Time Low on New Spectacles
Snapchat's parent company Snap Inc. (SNAP) is taking another stab at camera glasses with the release of two new stylish designs for its Spectacles line on Wednesday -- but investors still aren't buying it.
You Can Sell Anything Once, But How Do You Keep Readers Paying for Content?
What can `publishers do to keep the converts they won in those early, cloudy days of disruption? And more generally, what can consumer and B2B publishers do to keep the paying customers they’ve captured in their recent push into paid content?
The Death of Don Draper
Advertising, once a creative industry, is now a data-driven business reliant on algorithms. The implications are deeply sinister – not only for the consumer but for democracy itself.
Total Audience Is Up by +5.8% in the July 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report
The July 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report shows that Total Audience is up by +5.8% versus July 2017 for the 112 magazine brands in the analysis. Performance by media platform is consistent with that of the last several months, with the exception of Video, which shows a dramatic +56.7 % increase. As of this month, the Video audience metrics included in MPA’s Brand Audience Report are newly sourced from comScore Video Metrix Multi-Platform, which measures the net audience for Video viewed on Desktop and/or Mobile devices. This differs from prior reports where only Desktop Video was being included.
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This edition features 20% more of the independent research, statistics and compelling facts that articulate the power of magazine media and its effectiveness compared to other media. Please find: New category data and charts from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Social Media Engagement Factor. New multimedia comparisons proving magazine readers are the strongest everyday influencers. New data proving advertising in magazines raises brand awareness and purchase intent. New Pharma ROAS case studies that show magazines drive conversions to branded prescription drugs. •New charts that show while trust in platforms declines, trust in journalism rebounds. •New charts that show how magazines excel in motivating consumer trial with featured samples and coupons. •New charts that show the role of print and subscriptions in the circulation mix. We encourage you to use this information in your own brand presentations, marketing and conversations. Please let us know if you’d like additional copies—and be sure to share the digital versions (PDF and Powerpoint) at
September 12, 2018
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