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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

USPS’s Flats Sequencing System Comes Under Scrutiny: Q&A with MPA's Rita Cohen
Folio: decided to sit down with Rita Cohen SVP, Legislative & Regulatory Policy for The MPA, to learn more about the issue, and how it might impact the magazine industry: "What we are looking for is affordable postal prices, and affordable prices depends on efficient processing and appropriate cost." Said Rita Cohen.
Big Tech Braces for Hostile D.C.
The Facebook/Google/Twitter trio are better prepared for this upcoming round of Congressional testimony on September 5. Almost a year after the three companies first testified together in front of Congress for Russian meddling, the three social media giants will be returning to Capitol Hill to talk about censorship and election interference.
Twitter Suspends Nearly 500 More Accounts for "Coordinated Manipulation"
Twitter has suspended another 486 accounts as it continues its fight against fake news and foreign interference in the national conversation. This follows 284 suspensions on August 21.
Behind the Bid-Caching Debate, Signs of Ad Tech Commoditization
Jessica Davies writes "The days when a supply-side platform could claim unique demand because they have exclusive access to premium publisher inventory have disappeared, for a variety of reasons. Aside from the proliferation of SSPs in the market, programmatic advertising developments — most notably header bidding — have also put SSPs under pressure."
Watch the Winning Ideas Webinar Series
Livecast on Tuesdays in August, this online series of webcasts covered topics like leadership, native advertising, monetization, event development and promotion, new revenue streams, and digital initiatives. Experience the webinars for yourself now!
Quartz Launches Paid Cryptocurrency Newsletter
The online business-news startup is launching Quartz Private Key, a newsletter that aims to guide its subscribers through the often turbulent markets for virtual currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum.
Former U.S. Ambassador and CNET Executive Buys Louisville Magazine
The regional magazine, and its site,, has been under the same ownership since 1993.
Emily Ratajkowski Says Her Instagram Feed Is a "Feminist Magazine"
Emily Ratajkowski has likened her Instagram feed to a "sexy, feminist magazine". Her feed, which is characterised by lingerie and swimwear shots - and occasionally sexual encounters with linguine, has a following of 19 million.
Publishing and the Dark Art of UX
The new ad types means that inventory is varied; the result is that web visitors have a wide range of experiences of advertising. Publishers have it in their power to choose vendors whose products deliver content and advertising in a user-friendly environment.
Trump Attacks Google News Results, Search Experts Debunk Bias Claim
Search marketing experts seem puzzled Tuesday morning by President Donald Trump's attack of Google in Twitter tweets that accused the company of prioritizing liberal "fake news" in its search results.
Retreating From Brick and Mortar Retail
John Morthanos writes "Many theories insist that the reason consumers are leaving brick and mortar stores for web-based purchasing, is because of the Internet and on-line retailers like In reality, these changes are nothing more than the continuing movement in retail shopping patterns for the last 50 years."
From Go-Getters to Achievers, Research Rattles Gen-Z Myth
“Today, all generations are exposed to the same disruptive forces of globalization, innovation, technology, and the social media revolution, causing a melding of attitudes and behaviors,” the report from Deloitt says.
Livecast on Tuesdays in August, this online series of webcasts covered topics like leadership, native advertising, monetization, event development and promotion, new revenue streams, and digital initiatives. Experience the webinars for yourself now!
This edition features 20% more of the independent research, statistics and compelling facts that articulate the power of magazine media and its effectiveness compared to other media. Please find: New category data and charts from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Social Media Engagement Factor. New multimedia comparisons proving magazine readers are the strongest everyday influencers. New data proving advertising in magazines raises brand awareness and purchase intent. New Pharma ROAS case studies that show magazines drive conversions to branded prescription drugs. •New charts that show while trust in platforms declines, trust in journalism rebounds. •New charts that show how magazines excel in motivating consumer trial with featured samples and coupons. •New charts that show the role of print and subscriptions in the circulation mix. We encourage you to use this information in your own brand presentations, marketing and conversations. Please let us know if you’d like additional copies—and be sure to share the digital versions (PDF and Powerpoint) at
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