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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

AARP Finds New Growth Through Newsletters Targeting Baby Boomer Women
AARP the Magazine (ATM) has seen robust growth over the past year. In June, the publication announced it had increased its audience of readers under 60 by 479,000 over the previous six months. The magazine, which boasts an audience of 38.6 million readers in the 50+ category, now has the largest audience in the country. To better serve that group, ATM has been rolling out audience-specific newsletters.
Podcasts Are Fertile Ground for City & Regional Publishers
“The growing trend toward ‘anywhere and everywhere’ media engagement has created tremendous opportunity for digital media, of which podcasting is a significant component,” said PwC partner David Silverman in a June press release announcing the sharp increase in U.S. podcasting ad revenue last year.
Condé Nast Is Launching New Video Programming
“Condé Nast’s content has three times the influence of other companies, and our premiere week of blockbuster series is a unique opportunity for our advertising partners to connect with our audiences at scale,” said Pamela Drucker Mann, chief revenue and marketing officer of Condé Nast, in a statement.
Cosmo's Michele Promaulayko Shares Fall Fashion Trends Under $50:
Dark florals, menswear-inspired looks and more: Cosmopolitan editor in chief Michele Promaulayko styled three looks for "Good Morning America" based on the biggest trends of the season and every item is $50 or less, so readers can look chic without completely breaking the budget.—This fall is all about fun faux fur, dark florals, menswear and pops of bright color, according Promaulayko.
More Credibility Problems for Social Media, Youtube and others: Deepfakes
Deepfakes are coming. Is Big Tech ready? Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been moving recently to deal with the threats posed by misinformation and meddling that they didn't see coming, but now they face an emerging form of disinformation they know is on the horizon: Deepfakes -- doctored videos that will eventually fool even the sharpest eyes. As the technology to create deepfakes advances, experts say, it won't be long before it's used to foment discord or even affect an election.
Watch the Winning Ideas Webinar Series
Livecast on Tuesdays in August, this online series of webcasts covered topics like leadership, native advertising, monetization, event development and promotion, new revenue streams, and digital initiatives. Experience the webinars for yourself now!
UK Magazine Subscription Service STACK Is Still "All About Print" As It Marks Ten Years of Sending out Random Titles
When Steve Watson launched Stack in 2008 he says he did so as a “simple way to help people find independent magazines”. The service, which costs £7 per month, now has 3,800 subscribers. Watson says he came to the idea while writing for independent bi-monthly film magazine Little White Lies and “was struck by the fact that I knew some of my friends would love it but didn’t know it existed”.
Down Under: Forming Lasting Connections with Image-Conscious Aussies through Print
In Australia—Influencing the Influencers—This group of consumers is highly engaged with print media, with over 80% saying they read newspapers and magazines either in print or digitally. They are 48% more likely to give advice or make recommendations to family and friends about clothing, shoes and accessories; and 69% more likely to make recommendations about beauty products.
Top Newspapers Pay Women, Minorities Less
The report, titled “Mind the gap: Uncovering disparity in the newsroom” was conducted by four student reporters in the program. They analyzed pay-equity studies from seven newsrooms, and interviewed nearly 30 journalists in nine newsrooms around the United States (both with and without union representation).
Q2 Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report Data and Audience Engagement Metrics!
MPA–The Association of Magazine Media has released the Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report for 2nd Quarter 2018 which includes a metric designed to measure audience engagement. The Q2 2018 Social Media Report reveals that magazine brand Likes/Followers are up slightly (+2.4%) versus the prior quarter. In the last three months, Likes/Followers on the four tracked social networks increased 26 million to a total of 1.1 billion.
The Magazine Media 360° June 2018 Brand Audience Report Is Here!
The June 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report shows that Total Audience is up by +3.0% versus June 2017 year ago for the 114 magazine brands in the analysis. This is the highest percentage increase in Total Audience since January 2017. Performance by media platform is consistent with that of the last several reports with Mobile Web growing at an even greater rate than recent months. To review the June 2018 Brand Audience Report, please [click here] The Print+Digital audience is down 6.9% vs. a year ago, reflecting the Spring 2018 GfK MRI which was released last month. As audiences spend more and more time on mobile devices, Web (Desktop/Laptop) audiences continue to decline (-12.3%) vs. a year ago. The web audience loss (-23 million) is offset more than five-fold by a +26.0% gain in Mobile Web (+123 million)—the highest percentage gain in nearly two years. Video, as usual, has posted a double-digit percentage increase (+15.3%) over last year. To review the June 2018 Brand Audience Report infographics (which include the Top Ten list, please [click here]
Livecast on Tuesdays in August, this online series of webcasts covered topics like leadership, native advertising, monetization, event development and promotion, new revenue streams, and digital initiatives. Experience the webinars for yourself now!
This edition features 20% more of the independent research, statistics and compelling facts that articulate the power of magazine media and its effectiveness compared to other media. Please find: New category data and charts from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Social Media Engagement Factor. New multimedia comparisons proving magazine readers are the strongest everyday influencers. New data proving advertising in magazines raises brand awareness and purchase intent. New Pharma ROAS case studies that show magazines drive conversions to branded prescription drugs. •New charts that show while trust in platforms declines, trust in journalism rebounds. •New charts that show how magazines excel in motivating consumer trial with featured samples and coupons. •New charts that show the role of print and subscriptions in the circulation mix. We encourage you to use this information in your own brand presentations, marketing and conversations. Please let us know if you’d like additional copies—and be sure to share the digital versions (PDF and Powerpoint) at
Independent and enthusiast magazine media executives from across the country came together for robust conversation and candid idea sharing at the 14th Annual IMAG Conference in Boston. The event was hosted by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing. The theme was Revolution: both a nod to Boston’s role in the formation of America and a representation of the extreme transformation we are seeing in the magazine media industry.
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