American Society of Magazine Editors



  • Laurie Abraham

    Executive Features Editor

    New York Magazine

    Laurie Abraham is executive features editor at New York Magazine, where she edits cover stories, other features, and packages for the magazine. Before joining New York in 2017, Abraham, who started her career in magazines at Mirabella, was at Elle in various roles including as executive editor and features director. She is the author of Mama Might Be Better Off Dead: The Failure of Health Care in Urban America and The Husbands and Wives Club: A Year in the Life of a Couples Therapy Group. Previously, she was a regular writer at Elle and a contributor to The New York Times Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn.

  • Michael Benoist

    Story Editor

    The New York Times Magazine

    Michael Benoist is a story editor at the New York Times Magazine. Prior to working at the Times he was the executive editor at Matter, a senior editor at GQ, and features editor at National Geographic Adventure, where he started his magazine career as an intern. Over the past five years, he has edited seven stories that were nominated for National Magazine Awards.

  • Jennifer Bogo

    VP, Content


    As the head of Audubon’s content team, Jennifer Bogo oversees the crack editorial team producing bird-savvy conservation and science stories for and Audubon magazine. She recently came full circle to Audubon, and to avians, after stints extolling the virtues of robots and space probes at Popular Mechanics and Popular Science. Stories she edited have won a National Magazine Award and been included in the Best American Science Writing and Best American Science and Nature Writing anthologies. She has made frequent media appearances as a science expert, and she has traveled to research stations from the Arctic and Antarctic to report feature stories herself.

  • James B. Meigs

    Author and Veteran Editor

    James Meigs is a writer and editor, currently working on a book about man-made disasters. For 10 years Meigs was editor in chief of Popular Mechanics, where he helped reposition that century-old brand to become a major voice on technological issues of the day. He also served as editorial director for Car and Driver and Road & Track magazines. In previous lives he served as executive editor at National Geographic Adventure, as editor in chief at the late, great movie magazine, Premiere, and as part of the team that launched Entertainment Weekly. He has worked with writers ranging from David Foster Wallace to Buzz Aldrin. Along the way he has landed on an aircraft carrier (just as a passenger, sadly), been threatened with physical violence by various Hollywood agents, lost his wallet in Elon Musk’s Dragon space capsule, broken speed limits in 23 states, and learned to operate a wide variety of power tools.