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Monday, July 9, 2018

Face Up Mid-Year Review: Our Favorite Magazine Covers of 2018 (So Far)
Seven expert designers give us their picks for the best magazine covers of the past six months: As the Fourth of July arrives each year, it brings with it many traditions—cheap beer, grilled hot dogs, and quasi-illegal fireworks, to name a few—but it also provides an opportunity at the year’s half-way point to reflect on just what’s gone on over the last six months. And there is perhaps no visual medium that more accurately captures the emotion of our time than a well-executed magazine cover.
Jeff Bezos and Amazon Have the Advertising Industry Looking Over Its Shoulder
Amazon has already become something of a corporate boogeyman — and now it could be bringing its industry disruption to advertising.
Fast Company Editor in Chief Stephanie Mehta Settling Into New Role
Stephanie Mehta made the jump from Vanity Fair to Fast Company earlier this year.
This Magazine Accurately Predicted the Future 95 Years Ago
"Amazingly, more predictions than not came true: a 1922 illustration of a multideck passenger jet basically foresaw the Airbus A380, while the December 1970 cover imagines watches that could “keep track of moon phases, show the tides and make calculations.” (Today’s “watches have only gotten smarter since,” the book states.) Cellphones were featured on their cover as early as 1973, and they imagined an early prototype of a video game way back in 1938."
Shelter Magazines Capitalize on the Evolving Concept Homes Trend
Southern Living, Coastal Living and House Beautiful on how the established practice of building showcases houses still serves as a valuable brand extension: Tasked with demonstrating to their readers design schemes that encapsulate modern design trends, showcase houses have been increasing in frequency, especially in the last decade, with brands like House Beautiful creating its inaugural wellness concept home this year.
Humanized Content and Your Very Human Audience
"...the real crux of having success with any type of publishing, custom or otherwise, you have to know your customer’s customer, i.e. – the audience and the advertiser. That is the true mark of a professionally marketed and targeted publication." writes Professor Husni.
More on WIRED Launches Free OTT Channel with Four Sponsors
Audi, HP, Quicken Loans and Verizon are the first sponsors of the new Wired video channel, which will be free to watch. Wired's OTT channel will stream popular videos and shows from its site and YouTube channel, including shows like "Autocomplete Interviews” and "Technique Critique."
Vending Machine that Dispenses Print Magazines via Facial Recognition in Malaysia
“Our monthly publication often comes with free gifts or product samples and we believe this vending machine is a clever way to ensure that travellers and the public have a fair opportunity to obtain a copy of our free-of-charge magazine,” said John So, director of Publishcom Asia Sdn Bhd, the publisher of Goasiaplus magazine. “The vending machine utilises a special face recognition software to distinguish an individual’s facial features through pre-determined algorithms and then dispenses one copy per individual on a monthly basis..."
These Are The 5 Lifestyle Magazines You Need This Summer
"Each year, ideas and brands are brought to life through the pages of a magazine. This summer, these five new lifestyle releases could help you keep from boredom, whether you are laying out by the pool or remaining glued to the nearest air conditioner."
For a Narrative Magazine, an Unlikely New Oasis
David Beard reports "What's it like to go from a staff of four to a company of 800? For The Atavist Magazine, a 9-year-old digital monthly and a National Magazine Award feature winner, it means more Zoom video meetings and Slack channels for communication with new colleagues."
Michael Eury Launches New Classic Pop Culture Magazine RetroFan
TwoMorrows Publishing debuted RetroFan #1, the new full-color magazine in June. It celebrates the crazy cool culture you grew up with. Remember when Saturday morning television was your domain, and yours alone? When tattoos came from bubble gum packs, Slurpees came in superhero cups, and TV heroes taught you to be nice to others? Those were the happy days of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties—and that is the pop culture era of RetroFan.
Mad Magazine Going After Millennials
“Mad’s mission has always been to shove our culture in front of a funhouse mirror and say, ‘Hey, everyone, take a look at how ridiculous this is!’” Editor Bill Morrison says. “We don’t feel a need to change that. “We look at what’s going on in the world, from politics to entertainment to fads, and when we see something that deserves ridicule we go to work.”
Brands Wanting to Handle More Marketing Internally Find Staffing Challenges
"Tired internal operations can play a big part in delaying the hiring process. When it comes to recruiting for teams, some companies have a general HR department that recruits for the company as a whole but lack a person or team dedicated to finding people specifically for the internal agency. This leads agency heads to resort to their own internal networks to find the people they need."
Outbrain, IDG Enter Strategic 2-Year Partnership
The partnership allows IDG to apply Outbrain’s suite of Engage Solution tools, which deliver organic and sponsored content, to the audiences of its international publishing titles in the U.S., UK, and select targets in France and Spain. By using the Engage Solution tool, IDG will be able to bolster its curated editorial through personalization, thereby increasing audience growth and engagement. The tools also allow for opportunities to increase revenue across all digital platforms.
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AFAR Media, America’s Test Kitchen, Backpacker, The Family Handyman, Fine Cooking, Fine Homebuilding, National Geographic, This Old House Ventures take home top awards.
Independent and enthusiast magazine media executives from across the country came together for robust conversation and candid idea sharing at the 14th Annual IMAG Conference in Boston. The event was hosted by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing. The theme was Revolution: both a nod to Boston’s role in the formation of America and a representation of the extreme transformation we are seeing in the magazine media industry.