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Friday, July 6, 2018

Magazine Mobile Web Audiences Up 17%
Magazine media audiences on mobile web grew 17% in May 2018 compared to the same month the year prior, the highest increase in the past year and a half, according to the 360° Brand Audience Report from MPA – The Association of Magazine Media.
Hearst UK introduces new metric to prove branded content works
Hearst UK has introduced a branded content metric combining dwell time and scroll depth. The metric, dubbed Engaged View Rate, calculates a score once audiences have spent a minimum of 30 seconds on the page and reached a scroll depth of at least 75 percent.
Protecting Advertisers, Publishers From Bot Clicks In Campaigns
Many publishers and advertisers alike cite ad fraud as a big problem in the industry — it cost advertisers an estimated $7 billion in 2016. The good news: the number of robot traffic detected on advertising campaigns in 2018 is 32%, down from 60% in 2017, according to a new report from Dianomi, a native content marketing platform. The bad news: that figure varies greatly by month, and in April 2017 was as high as 85%.
Are Influencers Really Worth the Money?
From micro-influencers to the Kardashians, brands have a wide range of potential partners for their influencer marketing campaigns. So, who really delivers return on investment? Brands overpay most influencers, argues Amy Odell. Here’s a guide to getting smart about return on investment.
Will Facebook and Google Really Help Drive Subscriptions?
Google and Facebook have rolled out tools to let publishers sell subscriptions through their platforms: Both are limited to a handful of publishers — Subscribe with Google rolled out in April with 17 publishers, while Facebook has been testing its subscription tool with a dozen publishers.
The Guardian Finds Less Polished Video Works Better on Instagram Stories
Two months ago the Guardian started tracking and analyzing its Instagram audience data on a more granular basis, to test what formats and topics it should develop and evolve and what should be scrapped. The upshot: video drives more new followers than static posts, but time and resources spent on creating polished Instagram videos, specifically for Stories, simply aren’t worth the pay-off.
Magazine Media Spotlight: The Complex (and Misinformation-Filled) Search for Medical Advice Online
Those searching for medical advice online may can run into a ‘keyword void,’ or search void: a situation where searching for answers about a keyword returns content produced by a niche group with a particular agenda. It isn’t just Google results. The most shared articles about vitamin K on Facebook are anti-vax, and the CrowdTangle analytics platform shows those articles are reaching an audience of millions. YouTube results are no better; several of the top 10 results feature notable immunology expert Alex Jones.
Newsrooms Held a Moment of Silence Yesterday For Victims of the Capital Gazette Shooting
One week after the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, newsrooms across the country held a moment of silence in memory of their five fellow journalists whose lives were lost.
MPA Webinar: How to Build a Successful Membership Model, July 17
Learn how to engage your audience members’ time, energy, ideas and money with a membership model that optimizes trust. Join the discussion with Emily Goligoski, Research Director of the Membership Puzzle Project at NYU. Learn more and register today.
How HQ Trivia is Trying to Turn a Viral Sensation Into a Media Business
'Rolling Stone' To Publish Monthly, Expand Events Business
This edition features 20% more of the independent research, statistics and compelling facts that articulate the power of magazine media and its effectiveness compared to other media. Please find: New category data and charts from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Social Media Engagement Factor. New multimedia comparisons proving magazine readers are the strongest everyday influencers. New data proving advertising in magazines raises brand awareness and purchase intent. New Pharma ROAS case studies that show magazines drive conversions to branded prescription drugs. •New charts that show while trust in platforms declines, trust in journalism rebounds. •New charts that show how magazines excel in motivating consumer trial with featured samples and coupons. •New charts that show the role of print and subscriptions in the circulation mix. We encourage you to use this information in your own brand presentations, marketing and conversations. Please let us know if you’d like additional copies—and be sure to share the digital versions (PDF and Powerpoint) at
AFAR Media, America’s Test Kitchen, Backpacker, The Family Handyman, Fine Cooking, Fine Homebuilding, National Geographic, This Old House Ventures take home top awards.
Independent and enthusiast magazine media executives from across the country came together for robust conversation and candid idea sharing at the 14th Annual IMAG Conference in Boston. The event was hosted by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing. The theme was Revolution: both a nod to Boston’s role in the formation of America and a representation of the extreme transformation we are seeing in the magazine media industry.