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Monday, June 25, 2018

Q&A with Pride Media's Joe Landry
“We specialize in print. Our core history is in print. We have The Advocate, Out, Plus; and The Advocate turned 50 last year. Out turned 25 and Plus is turning 20 this year; we’re having the 20th anniversary of Plus. So, we have a long history in print publications. And there’s also more credibility in print. If we just launched a website, I don’t know how we make an impact within that space the way we can in print.” says Joe Landry, executive vice president, Pride Media.
IMAG 2018 Recap — Relive the Revolution
Independent and enthusiast magazine media executives from across the country came together for robust conversation and candid idea sharing at the 14th Annual IMAG Conference in Boston. The event was hosted by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing. The theme was Revolution: both a nod to Boston’s role in the formation of America and a representation of the extreme transformation we are seeing in the magazine media industry.
Ritz Carlton and Hearst Magazines Digital Media Are Partnering: Five Directors Will Get Their Films Made
A campaign from the Ritz Carlton and Hearst Magazines Digital Media will choose five directors to film short videos imagining a stay at a Ritz Carlton hotel. “The Stay” kicked off today, with a call out to screenwriters and directors to submit screenplays imagining what happens after two people check into a Ritz Carlton hotel.
More on Facebook Launches a Print Magazine for the Business Leader Who Wants to Be Cool As Well As Rich
The semi-evil social network has launched its latest venture, a lifestyle magazine for the elite. Just don’t call it a publisher ...
As Post-Gazette Cartoonist Is Fired, The New Yorker and TIME Show Power of Visual Commentary
Next week’s New Yorker cover: “Yearning to Breathe Free” by Barry Blitt. The illustration shows migrant children, presumably those ripped from their parents at the border, hovering in the folds of the Statue of Liberty’s robe. Blitt explained his cover inspiration in a New Yorker interview: “There’s always a background drone of outrage, it seems. Stories like this, obviously, are different. The outrage and disgust is justified and real, and needs to be paid attention to.”
Common Sense Lessons for Today’s Print Media — Professor Samir Husni Speaks at the 2018 MBR Conference
“Everything has a natural life cycle, so why shouldn’t magazines?,” -said Samir Husni. “Magazines are folding, and launching, all the time,” but their overall number continues to grow. The notion that digital will replace print has been shown to be false, he said. “It’s no longer print versus digital; it’s print plus digital. The two are equally important in an integrated, omnichannel brand. The audience determines which platform they use to consume the brand content at any given time.”
Publishers Talk SIP, Bookazine Opportunities — More from the 2018 MBR Conference
Publishing executives on a “retail opportunities” panel at the 2018 Magazines & Books at Retail Conference, with deep experience in these newsstand-driven types of publications, shared insights about their editorial, distribution and promotion dynamics.
Channel Leaders Report Innovation, Determination, Progress at Retail — More from the 2018 MBR Conference
Behind the drumbeat of relentlessly negative press references to magazine newsstand trends, the special interest publications (SIP)/bookazine segment is thriving, and channel partners are aggressively moving to forge innovative, productive partnerships with retailers to address challenges and opportunities on both sides. Those were among the main takeaways from several leading industry executives on a retail opportunities panel during the 2018 MBR Conference.
How Publishers Can Compete with the Facebook-Google Duopoly
They'll need to pool resources and join forces: Not only have Google and Facebook perfected a system in which they use third-party content to bring in advertising revenue, they’ve also mastered monetizing their user base.
MPA Next Event | How Iconic Brands Stay Relevant
Popular Science has spent the a century and a half bringing readers the most amazing innovations and discoveries. Join MPA Next for a discussion with Editor-in-Chief Joe Brown on how the iconic magazine continues to innovate and make complex science and tech stories entertaining and accessible to everyone.
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