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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Reader's Digest and Its Siblings Were Underrepresented Online; Now They're Growing Fast
TMB’s digital properties hit record performances for the month of April, the company said in a press release last week, reaching an audience of 55.6 million unique visitors, a 22% increase over the April 2017 period. had 7.3 million unique visitors in April 2018, doubling its performance from the prior-year period, according to the tracking service comScore. The increase for was the highest increase among the competitive set in the home and lifestyle category, according to the press release.
4A's Rips Accenture's Move into Programmatic Buying Business
"We find this unacceptable," the agency trade group says.
From the UK: The Role of Bias and Undervaluing Magazines
Magazines are hugely undervalued by marketers and agency leaders - despite the fact they fully engage their audience’s attention and inspire an unparalleled degree of trust. How do we change this, asks Mike Florence, chief strategy officer, PHD Media.
GDPR Mayhem: Programmatic Ad Buying Plummets in Europe
Since the early hours of May 25, ad exchanges have seen European ad demand volumes plummet between 25 and 40 percent in some cases, according to sources. Ad tech vendors scrambled to inform clients that they predict steep drops in demand coming through their platforms from Google. Some U.S. publishers have halted all programmatic ads on their European sites.
New Rolling Stone Owner Pumping $8 Million into Fresh Content
“If you want to do it right, it costs money,” said Jay Penske, whose Penske Media took over majority control of the title from Jann Wenner, paying an estimated $51 million last December.
Jim Kelly Leaves Vanity Fair to Begin Career As Literary Agent
"Jim Kelly, a contributing editor at VF for the past seven years and earlier the top editor at Time magazine, is joining Aevitas Creative Management, the literary agency formed by Todd Shuster and David Kuhn in 2016." reports Keith Kelly.
More Reviews from New York Post Staff: It’s Time to Jump on a Motorcycle and Get Out of Town
"Memorial Day just came and went. That means it’s time to polish those Hogs, ink up those biceps and hit the highways. But not before, of course, grabbing a couple of biker mags off the newsstand."
The Pivot to Paid Leads to Talent Squeeze at Publishers
Greg Harwood, director at strategy and marketing consultant Simon-Kucher & Partners, said publishers are looking for experience at the executive level in monetizing audiences as effectively as possible. Often, that’s experience in driving subscriptions or from a background in online platforms like eBay or Graze, which rely heavily on understanding audience needs.
April Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report Data Is Here: Total Audience up +2.5% versus April 2017
Sara Guaglione reports "This is the seventh month in a row for mobile web audience growth (unique visitors that visit a site on a mobile device). April's nearly 10% increase compared to a year ago is the highest increase during that period, according to MPA. Sixty-four percent of the 119 magazine brands included in the report experienced increases to their mobile web audiences versus a year ago. About three-quarters of those brands showed a double- or triple-digit increase."
MPA MAgazine Media Spotlight: How WIRED Lost $100,000 in Bitcoin
Back in 2013, when you could still mine bitcoins at home, WIRED was sent a small, sleek mining device manufactured by the now-defunct Butterfly Labs. We turned on the Roku-looking machine in our San Francisco offices and allowed it to do its job. A small fortune was soon amassed, now worth around $100,000. Then, we lost the money. Forever.

NEW YORK, NY – April 11, 2018 – Independent publishing executives will convene for the Annual IMAG Conference hosted by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media at the Taj Hotel in Boston on June 13-14. The event is chaired by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing.

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June 13 - 14, 2018
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