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Friday, May 25, 2018

Magazine Media Audiences on Mobile Web And Video at Six-Month High
Sara Guaglione reports "This is the seventh month in a row for mobile web audience growth (unique visitors that visit a site on a mobile device). April's nearly 10% increase compared to a year ago is the highest increase during that period, according to MPA. Sixty-four percent of the 119 magazine brands included in the report experienced increases to their mobile web audiences versus a year ago. About three-quarters of those brands showed a double- or triple-digit increase."
April Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report Data Is Here: Total Audience up +2.5% Versus April 2017
The April Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report shows that Total Audience is up +2.5% versus April 2017 for the 119 magazine brands in the analysis. Both Mobile Web (+9.9%) and Video (+26.5%) are reporting six-month highs. The Print+Digital audience (-1.7%) remains stable, consistent with the five months prior since GfK MRI Fall 2017 was released. Web (Desktop/Laptop) audience (-4.7%) is continuing downward trend as audiences favor other platforms, however, the declines are slowing, and are far less severe than for 2017 year-to-date which showed double-digit percentage drops in the Web audiences.
How Kiplinger Uses Facebook Ads to Grow Its Newsletters
The publisher has used Facebook ads to gather more than 30,000 new email newsletter subscribers in the past couple months. Subscribers, in turn, help to fuel Kiplinger’s fastest-growing source of revenue. In the past year, native advertising and branded content has grown from 5 percent of Kiplinger’s digital revenue to 20 percent, said Andy Nolen, the publisher’s director of digital operations and advertising.
Consumer Reports Launches First Ad Campaign Highlighting How It Keeps Companies Honest
Consumer Reports wants people to know it’s still “bringing the fine print into focus” on everyday purchases. The brand that’s been reviewing products for consumers since 1936 has debuted an ad campaign to freshen up its image and reach new customers. In an age when people might turn to the first review they pull up on Google, Consumer Reports wants you to know its approach to the process is unique.
More on How Publishers Are Keeping Their Social Strategies As Fresh As Their Feeds
Esquire, This Old House and Roast illustrate how they stay on brand and relevant in spite of constant change:
MPA MAgazine Media Spotlight: - A Road Trip Survival Guide - Good Housekeeping on LIVE! with Kelly & Ryan
Good Housekeeping executive editor Meaghan Murphy appeared on LIVE! With Kelly & Ryan to take Kelly, Ryan and guest Alec Baldwin on a road trip, sharing tips on how to keep kids occupied along the way.
More on MagCulture Brings Passion for Print Across the Atlantic
“The new generation of [indy magazines] have reminded us of the essential power of print as a medium: its physical and tactile qualities, the way it engages multiple senses and, perhaps most vitally today, the way printed content can’t be altered or deleted,” Jeremy Leslie, founder of magCulture, told Robert Newman in an interview for the Society of Publication Designers this week.
Publishing Is Booming on the East End (Long Island) Media Scene
Hamptons is celebrating its 40th year, with 40 different events planned across the summer, said Michael Dickey, who expects about a 10 percent revenue jump from his East End media, helped in part by a 34-page insert from Sotheby’s in Hamptons’ debut summer issue.
Alta’s Publisher Charts an Ambitious Course Out West
Over the years, any number of publishers have made a run at producing a magazine that serves the interests of Californians—not just Angelenos or San Diegans or the caffeinated crowd up in Silicon Valley, but residents across the entirety of America’s most creative, diverse, and economically productive state. Despite some admirable efforts, no one quite yet hit the mark. New West (later renamed California) may have come closest, but it folded 17 years ago, following 15 years of trying to earn its keep. Now comes Alta, a new magazine that hopes to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of millions of Californians.
Associate Member Spotlight: Port Hawkesbury Paper
Tom Gallagher, President,Port Hawkesbury Paper takes on four questions: "At Port Hawkesbury Paper, we believe in the power and value of paper and print." He added, "Our goal is to provide a steady supply of North American made paper to our customers to help manage any fluctuations and uncertainty in paper supply."
The E.U.’s New Privacy Laws Might Actually Create a Better Internet
"...if it works well, it will likely serve as a model for much-needed privacy legislation in the U.S. And even if Congress fails to follow Europe’s lead, the law could potentially shift the balance of power online. Somewhere inside the emails that I and millions of others have reflexively ignored is the beginning of a process that will transform the face of the internet." writes New York's Max Read.
Day of Reckoning: GDPR Is Here, and It's Bigger Than Beyonce
Of those polled, 45.6% are simply waiting to see what kind of enforcement action ensues. Another 39.7% cite lack of understanding, and 36.8% cite insufficient budget. Another 33.8% specify low brand visibility, and 27.9% say they are unconcerned.
Study: Biggest Brands Will Lose 43% of EU Audience Data Following GDPR
“Publishers will need to rapidly fill their inventory with pro-privacy solutions that do not require consent, such as contextual advertising, native opportunities and non-personalized ads.” Doug Stevenson, CEO of Vibrant.
Five Charts: How the GDPR Will Affect Marketers
Advertisers scramble to comply with new regulation: The GDPR stipulates that user data can be used only if that individual gives a company explicit permission. There are high stakes for marketers to get their data under control because companies found to be in violation of the GDPR face a fine of €20 million ($22.1 million) or 4% of global revenues (whichever is greater).

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