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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Consumer Reports Won’t Recommend Tesla’s Model 3
The magazine, whose scorecard is influential among consumers and industry executives, said even though its tests found plenty to like about the Model 3 and it was a thrill to drive, it had “big flaws”. Tesla’s stopping distance of 152 feet when braking at 60 mph was far worse than any contemporary car tested by the magazine and about 7 feet longer than the stopping distance of a Ford F-150 full-sized pickup.
Kalmbach Leverages Print SIP to Promote Subscription Video Site
Model Railroader looks to print to drive an older demographic onto a newer platform.\: With an estimated 500,000 model railroaders around the world, the hobby’s biggest publication is using a special issue publication (SIP) to promote its subscription-based video site to an older demographic of readers.
At the Newsstand: How to Get Your Grill Ready for Memorial Day - Magazines Reviewed
Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit has published a special edition called “Essential Cast-Iron Cooking.” The book declares that an iron skillet is “the most versatile pan in your kitchen” — and that it can also make itself useful on the backyard grill.
Instagram Tributes: Remembering Interview Magazine
"Interview helped shape the worldview of otherwise sheltered suburban teens, gave struggling artists a platform and did legendary edgy covers before edgy was a thing. With all that Interview meant to so many, naturally tributes started and continue to pour out across social media and each of these tributes gives you a first hand look of what Interview meant to these individuals. It wasn’t just a magazine, it was a platform and bullhorn for many. Here are some of our favorite Interview tributes on instagram."
American Conservative Taps The Atlantic's Journo Benjamin Schwartz As Editor
The American Conservative has tapped former Atlantic editor Benjamin Schwarz as its new editor-in-chief. Schwarz spent 13 years at The Atlantic and served as national editor and literary editor.
Magazine Media Spotlight: Maye Musk, the Silver Cover Girl
She's SEVENTY ... and she's in Harper's Bazaar! Alina Cho talks with a model mom: Even without makeup, Maye Musk is radiant. But after an hour in the chair with a top hair and makeup team, along with a glamorous selection of gowns and shoes, she's ready for her closeup. "Yeah, I know, at age 70 I think it's about time I was in Harper's Bazaar!" she laughed. Yes, last month, Musk celebrated her 70th birthday.
New York Launches Vulture Comedy Vertical, Follows Splitsider Acquisition
Vulture Comedy' features content gathered from topics interesting to readers of 'Vulture' and 'Splitsider,' including profiles of well-known comics and podcasts.
Publishers Try to Use Ad Annoyance As a Lure to Subscribers
Selling an ad-free experience is a way to appeal to people who block ads, who essentially deliver zero revenue to publishers. But it also risks cutting off ad revenue from what’s usually the most engaged segment of a publisher’s audience, and a segment that can be monetized through ads more effectively than the typical anonymous visitor.
Publishers’ Candid Thoughts on Video Platforms: "Twitter Is a Breath of Fresh Air"
At closed-door sessions at the Digiday Video Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 21, publishers gave their candid feedback on the issues they’re facing, from how to make money off Facebook to the roles YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and, yes, Twitter should play in video-distribution strategies.

NEW YORK, NY – April 11, 2018 – Independent publishing executives will convene for the Annual IMAG Conference hosted by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media at the Taj Hotel in Boston on June 13-14. The event is chaired by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing.

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