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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Meredith Expanding "Seamless" E-Commerce Content Integrations
“One of the things that you’ll see is that e-commerce tends to end up over on the side in some cases,” Meredith’s VP, Innovation, Corbin de Rubertis says in this interview with Beet.TV. “But we really try and weave it into the experience itself. As when you’re looking at a recipe, for example, you should be able to see the ingredients from local stores or Amazon Fresh, for that matter.”
Reader's Digest Is Looking for "Nicest Places."
Bruce Kelley writes "The percentage of us who believe that “most people can be trusted” dropped from 56% in 1968 to about a third in 2016, according to the General Social Survey and the American National Election Studies. We don’t even trust people we know. Barely half of us trusted our next door neighbors or our co-workers to return $100 if we lost it, according to a new Reader’s Digest/Ipsos Connect poll. Less than a third of us trusted people we have to rely on, from handymen and dry cleaners to mechanics and bartenders."
Meredith, Magenta Launch Fortune Italy
Meredith recently teamed with Magenta, a content factory, to enlarge Fortune’s global reach. The two launched Fortune Italy, which will be sold in Italy, Switzerland and Monte Carlo. Published in Italian, the print edition goes on sale June 2.
"Monkey Selfie" Film in the Works at Conde Nast (Exclusive)
"It's an unusual move for Conde Nast, which typically develops its films from source material published in its 19 magazine brands that include Vogue, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. But in this rapidly evolving case, with existential implications, the studio skipped that step and bought life rights first so that it could move quickly on a movie."
Elle Decor Expands A-List, Adds Contributors to Broaden Design Scope
Whitney Robinson wants the design glossy to better reflect the many aspects and people of design.
Associate Member Spotlight: CMG - Comag Marketing Group
"We work closely with our publisher clients, leveraging their editorial expertise and brands to develop unique promotions and retailer exclusives to help ensure the retailer remains engaged and excited with the magazine category. Retailers are looking for help to drive sales in their stores and unlike any other product sold at retail, magazines are constantly changing, creating excitement and have the ability to drive sales of many other products in stores." -says Todd Lundgren, vice president of client marketing services.
Sports Betting Could Soon Be Legalized in the U.S. (Media Companies Can’t Wait.)
The Supreme Court is set to rule on a case that could expand legal sports betting beyond Las Vegas — and generate new revenue streams for media companies in the process.
Townsquare Media, Brave Team to Test Blockchain-Based Advertising
Townsquare Media is home to XXL Magazine, Taste of Country, Ultimate Classic Rock and Pop Crush; all will participate in the partnership. Readers that visit Townsquare websites will get an offer to switch to the Brave browser, which offers an ad-free experience.
Maxim Makes up for First-Quarter Operating Loss
Maxim, the lad mag owned by Biglari Holdings, shrank its first-quarter operating loss on the strength of a 7.7 percent rise in revenue.
apple image
Apple Hiring Activity Shows a Clear Mission to Get Deeper into Editorial Publishing
Apple's listing for a "Politics Editor", for instance, has remained on Apple's job site since November, 2017 when the hiring spree began. And Apple's not looking for just any editor - it's looking for someone with at leasst seven years experience and a "strong understanding of high-quality journalism". Around that same date, Apple was hiring a TV & Movies Editor, an Editorial Director, a News Desk Editor, a Culture Editor, and a Business Editor.
MPA Magazine Media Spotlight: Generation Z, Unique and Powerful
Today MNI Targeted Media Inc. released its Generation Z White Paper which includes findings from MNI's proprietary Gen Z survey, third party research, and interviews with Generation Z Experts. It features a deep dive into this audience and what it means for brands and the publishing industry, alike. The findings were presented at the ACT8 Experience at the Magazine Innovation Center in late April, attended by publishers, editors, printers, and sellers.
Building Audience Engagement: Boston Red Sox CMO to Speak at IMAG 2018 in Boston (June 13-14)
Adam Grossman, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston Red Sox & Fenway Sports Management, reveals how the iconic Boston Red Sox franchise builds brand value, increases audience engagement and keeps up with major changes in consumer behavior and consumption. See full conference agenda and speaker roster - and register today.

NEW YORK, NY – April 11, 2018 – Independent publishing executives will convene for the Annual IMAG Conference hosted by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media at the Taj Hotel in Boston on June 13-14. The event is chaired by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher, MIT Technology Review; David Nussbaum, CEO and chairman of the board, America’s Test Kitchen; and Jamie Trowbridge, president and CEO, Yankee Publishing.

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June 13 - 14, 2018
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