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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Q&A with Bonnie Kintzer of Trusted Media Brands
"My leadership team and I share a simple vision – deliver content that informs, excites and inspires our consumers and regardless of the format, drives revenue. We’ve proven that when you deliver on this promise, you can not only grow your business but help your marketing partners grow their brands and bottom line as well." -Bonnie Kintzer president and CEO, Trusted Media Brands.
What Can Media Brands Do to Differentiate Themselves? Hearst's Troy Young Delivers Digital Innovators' Summit Keynote Speech
A few years ago at the Digital Innovators’ Summit, everyone was talking about free content and advertising, with the rising use of ad blockers in the forefront of everyone’s minds. This year, however, the strongest takeaway was that publishers are no longer in defense mode: with most now employing a paywall or subscription model, it’s been proven beyond doubt that people will pay for quality content. So now that publishers have a bit of breathing room, another question arises: what should they do to stand out from the crowd?
Vanity Fair Launches a $20-a-Year Digital Paywall
“At a moment when quality journalism is not a luxury, but a necessity, it will enable us to invest in our reporting, writing, photography and video, expanding into new areas and onto new platforms, with you, our core readers and viewers, clearly in focus,” wrote Radhika Jones, Vanity Fair’s new editor-in-chief, in a note to readers.
Finding a Place for Glamour Magazine in 2018
As new editor in chief Samantha Barry reveals her first print issue — and radical redesign — she tells BoF about her plans to renew the brand's relevance in a digitally driven media landscape.
Muscle & Fitness, Flex Magazines Merge, Frequency Upped
Beginning with its May issue — currently on newsstands — Muscle & Fitness now incorporates Flex’s bodybuilding coverage and training programs in a new, 50-page dedicated section to Flex editorial content.
Playboy Unveils New Website, Membership Program
"New premium content available only to members includes a new collection of video series including: The New Creatives, which offers a look into the lives of disruptors and visionaries; A Moment With featuring a Playboy ambassador letting members gain a closer look at her life; Playboy’s Speed, a car-focused series featuring automobiles with the brands official stamp of approval; 20Q adapted from the print edition featuring chats with celebrities; and Topless Chef, a new spin on the traditional cooking show." writes Melynda Fuller.
CMO Today: Why Google is Missing from the Data-Sharing Debate; ComScore Appoints CEO; Meredith Explores Viant Sale
Meredith, through its acquisition earlier this year of Time Inc., owns 60% of the advertising technology company. In a regulatory filing in 2016, the former Time Inc. said that ​it paid about $87 million, net of cash acquired, for its stake in the business.
"We Want Publishers to Think the Unthinkable’: How Axel Springer Is Reducing Its Reliance on Google Ad tech
Programmatic revenues have jumped 10 percent year over year since Axel Springer overhauled its ad tech stack.
MPA Magazine Media Spotlight: The Next All-Natural Recycling Solution? An Enzyme
Humans have made the world a pretty tough place for our fellow species to live. As a species, we’re raising global temperatures, destroying natural habitats, and littering the oceans with our junk. But that’s not bad news at all for one adaptive bacteria. In 2016, scientists discovered that Ideonella sakaiensis had evolved to produce an enzyme that enabled it to eat plastic bottles. Now this week, scientists have discovered a way to tweak that enzyme to do the work 20 percent faster. Popular Science senior editor Sophie Bushwick joins Ira to discuss how researchers are looking to harness the bacteria’s penchant for plastic trash, and other science headlines, in the news roundup.
comScore Taps 360i's Bryan Wiener As CEO, Rob Norman Joins Board
Wiener, who has served as executive chairman of 360i since turning the CEO role over to Sarah Hoftstetter, fills a CEO slot at comScore that has been vacant since Gian Fulgoni retired in November 2017.
Mexico Arrests Alleged Killer of Drug War Journalist, Says Minister
Mexico’s interior minister on Monday said that authorities had arrested the alleged murderer of a renowned journalist in northern Mexico whose death had become emblematic of a spike in violence across the country.
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