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Monday, April 23, 2018

Q&A with House Beautiful's Sophie Donelson
"...There is something that still resonates with readers about print. That’s why you see, for example, in higher-ticket items, there is more of a trustworthiness that readers report when they read about something in print versus digitally. There’s a little bit of integrity, importance and trustworthiness that the medium itself delivers.” Sophie Donelson, editor in chief.
Why Four Famous Magazines Are Collaborating with Amazon to Transport Readers to the 1950s
In June, select subscriber covers of Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Woman’s Day will transport readers back to the 1950s. As part of a collaboration with Amazon, the four Hearst titles will have special, peel-off top covers with the logos and fonts the titles used in the 50s, as well as with headlines and teasers in the same style of voice as the era. The partnership is part of Amazon’s “For Your Consideration Emmy” campaign for its show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which details the journey of the show’s title character as a 1950s housewife navigating the world of stand-up comedy.
Top Editors out at Maxim As Magazine’s Identity Struggles
Keith Kelly"We’re told that executive editor Mitch Moxley and a senior photo editor — who worked on the magazine’s celebrity shoots — have exited the men’s magazine because of a blowup with its controversial owner and editor in chief, Sardar Biglari."
Essence Magazine Parts with Editor in Chief Vanessa DeLuca,—Won’t Replace Her
New owner Richelieu Dennis opted to keep the company’s current leadership in place but with new owners comes some changes and the biggest change is the dismissal of editor in chief Vanessa DeLuca who served in the role for 5 years an
How Net-a-Porter’s 70-Person Content Team Operates Online and in Print
Content is a robust piece of both Net-a-Porter’s marketing and merchandising strategies: The company employs 70 people on its editorial team, and it publishes six issues of Porter’s print edition per year, which have featured celebrity cover stars like Viola Davis, Penelope Cruz and Bella Hadid.
Nicaraguan Journalist Shot Dead on Facebook Live as Pope calls for End of Deadly Protests
The man, identified in Nicaraguan media as Angel Gahona, was reporting from the town of Bluefields in the country's southern Caribbean coast, when a shot rang out and he fell to the ground bleeding from the head, video footage showed.
More on "Sad Day for Attractive Folks:" Both People and The Hill End Their "Most Beautiful" Franchises
"...the words "Most Beautiful" have always been part of the title. This year we're renaming it "The Beautiful Issue"—to make clear that the issue is not a beauty contest. Nothing else has changed."
View: It Would Be Nice If They Survive, but Are Newspapers Necessary?
"...the irony of the digital age is that while the Internet has radically expanded the media landscape, such expansion has inevitably generated painful costs. Information is accessible, knowledge is instantaneous, and communication is ubiquitous. But certain knowledge can be dangerous, much information is misinformation, and some communication is better left unsaid." writes Philip Terzian.
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