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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

GQ, New York Magazine, and The New Yorker Win Pulitzer Prizes!
Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah and Jerry Saltz earn first-time wins for GQ and New York mag, respectively, while Ronan Farrow delivers The New Yorker its fourth.
Food Network Magazine’s Editor Freshens Up Spring Menus
Maile Carpenter, editor in chief: "I think almost every home cook has a routine of some kind, but most of our readers are excited about trying new dishes, so we try to make this as easy as possible. We don’t expect people to give up their weekly chicken breast recipe or skip Taco Tuesday. We just want them to try new takes on old favorites."
“44 Pages” Answers Your Questions About the Magazine Highlights for Children
Most of 44 Pages, director Tony Shaff’s documentary about the family-owned magazine Highlights for Children, takes place in the magazine’s stately editorial offices in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The film surfaces all the magazine’s editorial challenges — Highlights is aimed at children aged six to twelve, which is to say, several completely different audiences.
The Players’ Tribune Is Trying to Diversify Beyond Ad Revenue
The digital publisher launched three years ago as a forum for athletes to tell personal stories directly to their fans, and it has relied on branded and sponsored content revenue. Now, it’s looking to diversify its revenue through entertainment content and licensing. The company also is exploring what it can do with merchandise and possibly even a subscription offering, but those plans are less concrete. Global expansion is also in the works...
Men’s Health in India Magazine
Men’s Health India’s digital version, which was launched recently, offers rich content and authored articles from the best in the health, fitness and lifestyle industries,
4 Ways to Rescue a Struggling Publication
"A better option may be radical surgery – dramatically scaling back your magazine’s footprint to make it more sustainable for the long haul. Here are four examples..."
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