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Friday, April 13, 2018

Hearst Diversifies Revenue with Fitch Group Acquisition
Hearst announced that it had completely acquired the global financial information services company from parent Fimalac S.A., making Fitch Group Hearst's largest wholly-owned business.
Men’s Journal More Than Doubles Its Audience Under New Ownership
More content categories and focus on SEO results in a 125 percent audience growth: Men’s Journal’s CRO, Jay Gallagher, credits much of this growth to integrating shared content assets from AMI brother brand—Men’s Fitness—to include more health and lifestyle topics, along with other relevant content that’s endemic to the Men’s Journal affluent male readership.
Why Publishers’ Membership Programs often Include Access to Editorial Staffers
Publishers including The Atlantic, New York magazine and Spirited Media give members access to their reporters.
Why Publishers Struggle with Subscriptions
Eric Shanfelt writes "Most publisher subscription pages are nothing more than order forms. We have an expectation that visitors are ready to fill out a lengthy qual form or plunk down their credit card right away. The reality is that most people who visit our subscription page are only considering subscribing. They’re not sold yet."
Trump, Having Denounced Amazon’s Shipping Deal, Orders Review of Postal Service
In the executive order, issued just before 9 p.m. last night, Mr. Trump created a task force to examine the service’s “unsustainable financial path” and directed the new panel to “conduct a thorough evaluation of the operations and finances of the USPS.”
Sports Illustrated's OTT Service Pivots to Linear, Bundles
The model is like that of PeopleTV, the other major streaming service from Meredith, which has always been free to watch, both as a standalone app, and in streaming video bundles.
Q&A with Elizabeth Goodman-Artis of SHAPE
“I think the print magazine is the place where you can sit back, lean-in, and get excited about the content. And in the digital iterations, whether you’re desktop or mobile, however you’re interacting, that becomes more transactional, and I mean that in a good way. It’s very specific information, like guidance. And I think it appeals to different parts of your brain and different needs in the moment.” Elizabeth Goodman-Artis, editor in chief, SHAPE.
Playboy Changes Slogan: Entertainment for All
“Playboy’s content has always been and always will be created with the male point-of-view and our take of masculinity in mind,” stated Chief Creative Officer, Cooper Hefner.
"Traffic Has Plummeted Since the Update"— Publishers Worry About the Future of Snapchat Discover
Not long after, Kylie Jenner declared via Twitter she was “so sad” but she just doesn’t really use Snapchat anymore. The company’s valuation dropped a billion dollars — yes, that’s billion with a “b” – after her tweet.
Karla Partilla Tapped As Publisher of Allrecipes
Karla Partilla is rejoining Meredith as Allrecipes publisher April 23. She was advertising director of Meredith's Country Home magazine from 2000 to 2004.
Sarah Stevens Named VP, Content at Kiplinger
In her post at Kiplinger, Stevens will “spearhead special projects and new initiatives aimed at engaging the current Kiplinger audience and bringing new readers into the fold,” according the company.
TIME Really Had No Choice But to Update Another One of Its Trump Covers
Remember back in 2016 when Time magazine updated its Donald Trump "Meltdown" cover to "Total Meltdown"? Well, the newsmagazine has taken the same tack again with it April 23 "Stormy" cover, on newsstands tomorrow, which riffs on its Feb. 16, 2017, "Nothing to See Here" cover.
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