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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Martha Stewart Livings Launches New Campaign To Promote Sustainable Living
Elizabeth Graves, Editor-in-Chief at Martha Stewart Living, explains where the idea for the campaign came from. She says she was inspired when she first heard how much waste Americans were actually making. While the United States only accounts for 5% of the world's population, Americans account for almost half of the world's trash.
Quartz Launches 'How We'll Win' Newsletter On International Women's Day
Quartz reporter Leah Fessler will pen the monthly newsletter, which will include an essay centered on the manifestation of sexism at work, a well-curated list of feminist texts and media and a question for the community of “How We’ll Win.”
Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Talk Weinstein, #MeToo’s Future in First Goop Podcast
Oprah Winfrey is Goop’s inaugural guest on its podcast, hosted by founder Gwyneth Paltrow, and the hour-plus conversation touches on everything Oprah, from her decades as an inimitable television host to her experiences with Harvey Weinstein and her ultimate hope for the #MeToo movement and her political aspirations, or lack thereof.
Red Cars and Tough Tires Drive the Most Recalled Ads in Automotive Magazines
General Truck Tires’ ad in the November issue of 4 Wheel & Off Road pulled ahead into the top-ranked print ad recall slot with score of 90 percent among survey respondents. The two-page spread featured a Jeep Wrangler off-roading on a rocky trail in the forest with the bolded statement that “#Anywhere is Possible.”
The Mr. Magazine Interview with Carolyn Kylstra, Editor in Chief of SELF
Kylstra said SELF prefers “digital led” to "digital-only" because the brand still believes in print and in a multiplatform existence, not just a website. Being multiplatform is the only way to succeed in today’s marketplace and provide the same factual, entertaining and helpful information the brand has always given to its loyal audience.
Magazine Media Spotlight: Names the Top Five Islands in the World
Bonnier's looks at its visitors’ manual searches in January and calculated the top five most-searched islands. They are, in order from most popular to less popular: Bora Bora, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos.
A24 Picks Up Horror Script From Author of the New Yorker's Viral Short Story "Cat Person"
A24 has made its first-ever spec script acquisition, picking up a horror screenplay from Kristen Roupenian, the author of the viral New Yorker fiction story "Cat Person." "Cat Person" became The New Yorker’s most-read fiction story of 2017, igniting a debate over gender roles in Millennial dating. Some even noted that the story had a horror subtext.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Georgia Gibbs says she was discovered by magazine on Instagram
"[Sports Illustrated actually found me on Instagram back in 2016. I suddenly got a call from my agent saying SI found me on Instagram and they wanted to fly me to New York… I went and met with them… I remember walking into their office and being so scared. But I felt like I was part of the family instantly," Gibbs said.
January 2018 Data is Here!
Today MPA released the January 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report revealing that Total Audience is steady compared to January a year ago (-0.5%) for the 118 magazine brands in the analysis. The greatest growth came from Video (+13.0%), a trend that has been consistent in recent years as magazine brands invest in this platform. The January 2018 Print+Digital audience remains essentially flat (-1.7%) versus January 2017. The Web (Desktop/Laptop) audience continues to decline (-5.5%) as people migrate to Mobile, although that shift appears to be leveling off.
Media Companies are Speaking Up Against the Dominance of Facebook and Google
The New York Times Rolls Out Obituaries Project for International Women’s Day
How BC Forbes uncovered why businessmen were successful
Snap Plans Biggest Round of Layoffs Yet
All the research facts, charts, and data are ready to use in your presentations.
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