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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In Joint Filing, More than 50 Mail Industry Leaders Urge Regulators to Reconsider Dramatic Postal Rate Increases
"The American Mail Alliance represents the vast majority of mailers, by volume and revenue, in the $1.4 trillion mailing industry. The coalition has come together as the PRC takes the next step in its 10-year review of postage pricing. As part of that process, the PRC has proposed a dramatic increase in postage rates by as much as 40 percent over five years. In a major filing today with the Postal Regulatory Commission, American Mail Alliance members argued that the PRC’s proposal will do lasting harm to the Postal Service and ultimately to the American people."-Brian Sheehan for Postal News.
The Atlantic Honors MLK Jr.'s Legacy with Memorial Issue
To commemorate the half century since King’s death, The Atlantic has published a special issue called KING, filled with original and archived material that speaks to his legacy today. Editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg recounts being approached by staff writer Vann R. Newkirk and managing editor Adrienne Green about publishing a special issue leading up to that historic date. Goldberg was interested, but writes in his editor’s note, entitled “The Chasm Between Racial Optimism and Reality,” he was “also concerned that such an issue be an exploration of our fraught moment, and not merely a devotional artifact.”
Newsweek Can Now Add Landlord Dispute to Its List of Troubles
Keith Kelly reports "Newsweek Media Group has been involved in a running legal dispute with Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America over its sublease at 7 Hanover Square in downtown Manhattan — and appears to have only narrowly averted eviction this week with a back rent tab of $348,957.31."
Newsweek Fires Two More Editors As Turmoil Escalates
"Gersh Kuntzman — a veteran editor who had grilled the magazine’s owners at a town hall meeting about the Manhattan district attorney’s raid of Newsweek’s offices last month, reportedly over alleged ad fraud, IRS tax liens and ties to a California-based church — was fired Friday. On Tuesday, national editor John Seeley was also let go, sources said." writes Keith Kelly.
EBONY Reaches Settlement with National Writers Union Over Unpaid Wages
The year-long #EbonyOwes saga might finally be coming to a close: “According to the terms of the agreement, Ebony will pay all of the freelancers 100 percent of their owed invoices in four quarterly payments, starting with the oldest invoices first,” reads an statement issued Tuesday by the NWU.
Folio: To Honor Martha Stewart with Lifetime Empowerment and Achievement Award
On June 7, the prestigious Top Women in Media event will bring together a veritable who’s who of noteworthy women from the dynamic media community
Penske Media Corp. Gets $200 Million Investment from Saudi Fund
Chairman and ceo Jay Penske continues to control over 60 percent of the company. Executive Editor Kimelman Is Departing
Before joining the staff in March 2004, Kimelman worked as a staff editor and writer with American Banker and, among other publications.
Minna Rhee Is Out at SourceMedia
The chief product and audience officer had been with the company since joining as chief digital officer in 2013.
MPA Announces Call for Entries for the 2018 Imagination Awards
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is now accepting entries for the third annual Imagination Awards to honor the innovative and transformational work of independent magazine media (IMAG) companies and brands. The Imagination Awards recognize projects and teams that capture the essence of a brand and demonstrate innovative thinking and imaginative tactics, well-defined business objectives, and successful execution and results.
Edible Portland Magazine Is for Sale
“It’s rewarding work, getting people to think about making more conscious choices for the health of the planet,” Alex Corcoran says, and he’s hoping someone will take up the mantle in a city that prides itself on doing just that.
LittleThings Shuts Down, a Casualty of Facebook News Feed Change
Lucia Moses writes, "Facebook’s recent algorithm change has claimed a casualty. LittleThings, a 4-year-old site that scaled an audience by sharing feel-good stories and videos on Facebook, shut down today, putting 100 out of work, after Facebook decided it wanted more user posts and less publisher content in its news feed. The change, announced in January, had a “material” impact on LittleThings, said Gretchen Tibbits, president and COO of the company, and killed 75 percent of the site’s organic reach, the company told Business Insider."
The New York Times Exits Partnership with Tina Brown's Event Business
The company's 30 percent stake in Women in the World Media, LLC, was sold late last year for "a nominal amount," according to a filing.
Q&A with TheSkimm Founders: We want to Be a Routine Like Morning TV
“We wanted to make it easier to be smarter through routine, and the first routine we wanted to tackle was email. The first thing that we all do when we wake up is we check our email,” said Zakin who joined this week’s episode of the Digiday Podcast along with Weisberg.
Ad Lib Podcast: Pop-Up Magazine's Chas Edwards Takes the Written Word on the Road
What if you took a magazine and put it on stage? What you would get, if the magazine were any good, is Pop-Up Magazine, an evening of true stories about the world around us, with photography, film, radio, and original music all mixed together and performed live on stage. Chas Edwards is a co-founder of Pop-Up Magazine and the physical print publication it spawned, California Sunday Magazine.
The Race is on for Media Brands to Own Voice-Assistant “Skills”
The first thing publishers need to do to dip into the world of voice is to learn what “skills” (Amazon) or “actions” are and how they relate to user navigation.
Exclusive: Facebook to Launch a Local News Subscription Accelerator
There's a newfound focus on subscription revenue within the media industry, as advertising dollars become harder to rely on due to Google and Facebook's dominance in that space. The pilot program is designed to help publishers learn about what works to drive people to subscribe to local outlets.
American Magazine Media Conference 2018 Recap
Stephen M. Lacy, executive chairman, Meredith Corp. and chairman, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, welcomed attendees to AMMC and kicked off the conference with an acknowledgement to Meredith Corp.’s recent acquisition of Time Inc. He continued with an overview of the industry’s success in the past year. Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO of MPA, took the stage and encouraged attendees to follow the Dalai Lama’s advice: “Keep working on it.” Though there is no single approach that ensures success in the magazine media business, sharing thoughts, perspectives and data helps the industry become as innovative as possible.