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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Atlantic to Add 100 as Laurene Powell Jobs Goes on Hiring Spree
Jon Levine asks "Is Laurene Powell Jobs the new Jeff Bezos?... The Atlantic announced on Wednesday that it would be expanding by adding 100 positions, with roughly half of those being editorial hires."
People Launches New Vertical "People Health"
"Helmed by Tina Johnson, senior editor at People and the founding editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, the new vertical will feature celebrity, service and human interest stories, including advice from expert doctors, celebrity nutritionists and real-life patient stories." reports Melynda Fuller at Publishers Daily.
TMBI Survey Outlines Shift in Marketer Preference for Branded Video, but Also Brand Safe Environments
New research by Trusted Media Brands suggests not only are marketers increasingly choosing branded video over pre-roll, they're concerned about brand safety.
Newsweek Publishes Exposé About the Magazine’s Owner
The connection between the Newsweek magazine parent and Olivet sparked a major upheaval at the media company in the last several weeks — as three staffers were fired and at least 12 resigned over the matter.
Absolut CMO: We’ll Pay More for Quality Ad Placements
"We have been able to increase our reach by reducing waste by focusing on higher-quality ads. But that higher quality generally comes with a cost. We’re prepared to pay more as long as we know that we have good reach."
Why Monetizing Social Is Still a Pay-to-Play Proposition: Social Media Remains a Major Resource for Audience Growth.
Folio:'s Steve Smith writes "...It’s ironic that the duopoly offers some of the best return on media’s own subscription marketing efforts." -and Paul Chapman, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, Condé Nast noted: “Year over year, we continue to see high double- to triple-digit growth in paid social...”
Q&A with Lisa Gooder of Brides Magazine
“This is such a moment for Brides and they’re spending a lot of money and really kind of obsessed with this project. So, I think print for Brides is incredibly important. Digital for us is also very strong. They’re checking our website all of the time and reading our newsletters, engaging with us on social media, but I still think that the big, beautiful, aspirational photos and the fantasy of a wedding is something that print can deliver.” Lisa Gooder, Executive Director.
Snapchat Is Enlisting More Publishers to Make Video Shows
A Snapchat source, speaking on background, stressed that in the case of publishers such as Group Nine Media and Condé Nast, both of which have multiple Snapchat Discover channels, they’re not abandoning their magazine-style Discover editions for video shows. Instead, the shows are part of an effort by Snap to offer more professionally produced content on Discover. This comes after a Snapchat redesign that separated user posts from media and celebrity content within the app.
Declining Facebook Reach Squeezes Publishers’ Branded-Content Business
“Everybody understands Facebook’s been tightening the algorithm a bit,” said Chris McLoughlin, svp of The Foundry, a branded-content studio at publishing company Meredith. “It’s going to mean margin pressure for those who relied exclusively on organic distribution.”
MPA Announces Call for Entries for the 2018 Imagination Awards
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is now accepting entries for the third annual Imagination Awards to honor the innovative and transformational work of independent magazine media (IMAG) companies and brands. The Imagination Awards recognize projects and teams that capture the essence of a brand and demonstrate innovative thinking and imaginative tactics, well-defined business objectives, and successful execution and results.
Vogue Unveils Polish Edition
On Wednesday morning, newly established Polish publishing company Visteria hosted a breakfast at the Marchesi coffee shop inside Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to present the first issue of Vogue Poland.
Boondoggle: The FSS Goes from Bad to Worse
"The U.S. Postal Service’s money-losing Flats Sequencing System is becoming even less productive and more problematic, according to the USPS’s own statistics." according to industry mystery man and influential blogger, D. Eadward Tree.
Postal-Service Workers Are Shouldering the Burden for Amazon
The tech giant’s rise has pushed mail clerks and carriers to the breaking point: "Around one-third of the packages Amanda handles are shipped by Amazon. As the Seattle-based tech giant commands an ever greater share of the retail market, the number of packages handled by the USPS keeps increasing. But employees say Postal Service management hasn’t responded to the surge in heavy items by investing in staffing or infrastructure. Instead, its leadership has cut costs and resorted to what union leaders call “management by stress.”" -Jake Bittle reporting for the Nation.
Trade Magazine Sees Huge Jump in Revenue by Embracing Digital Opportunities
While mainstream media prefers its doomsday story, some magazines have, in fact, found success with new revenue channels and opportunities to develop new products that appeal to both their audiences and their advertisers online -- everything from sponsored content to paid syndication streams to micro paywalls. “If you just do ads, you simply can’t survive,” says Carol Ott, publisher and founder of New York-based Habitat Magazine.
Hamptons Magazine Editor in Chief Steps Down
Publisher Modern Luxury told Page Six in a statement that Anetta ­Nowosielska, an East Hampton resident who most recently edited Styled Magazine, will take over the top spot at Hamptons magazine.
American Magazine Media Conference 2018 Recap
Stephen M. Lacy, executive chairman, Meredith Corp. and chairman, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, welcomed attendees to AMMC and kicked off the conference with an acknowledgement to Meredith Corp.’s recent acquisition of Time Inc. He continued with an overview of the industry’s success in the past year. Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO of MPA, took the stage and encouraged attendees to follow the Dalai Lama’s advice: “Keep working on it.” Though there is no single approach that ensures success in the magazine media business, sharing thoughts, perspectives and data helps the industry become as innovative as possible.