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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It’s All About Data: How Magazine Media Wins the Digital Advertising Challenge
In an ever-competitive landscape, user IDs and cross-platform tracking are the true measures of your brand’s worth. Meredith's Alysia Borsa, the company’s chief marketing and data officer, recognizes issues within the landscape, and indicates publishers need help in cross-channel tracking. “The reality is we are going to need to partner and work with vendors to supplement our identity solutions. Meredith is looking at consortiums like the DigiTrust initiative and OpenID, among others, that standardize login’s and universal identification across publishers.”
Gogo Aviation Adds 30 Magazines to Edit Options
Powered through digital magazine platform Zinio, Gogo now offers titles such as Wine Spectator, Newsweek, Wired and Forbes, hand selected by customers and the people at Gogo on its Gogo Vision app.
Q&A With Hoffman Media’s Brian Hart Hoffman
“It is a different proposition for the company to be launching a brand that does not necessarily have the print product first or the print counterpart to the digital platform, but I think you will see the same dedication to content creation and the user-engagement experience to have just as much thought put into it as we do for our print brands…” - President and Chief Creative Officer Brian Hart Hoffman.
New York Magazine Is Making Its CMS Available Open-source
Lucia Moses reports "(New York) built its own content management system (publishers like to give their homegrown CMSes cute names; this one is called Clay, for the magazine’s founder Clay Felker) in 2015 and then licensed the software to the online magazine Slate.
Phillip Picardi to Lead Teen Vogue
"Picardi is expected to fully take over operations of Teen Vogue in its completely digital state, while jointly running Them, a new LGBTQ-focused publication he founded at the end of 2017." writes Bethany Biron.
Magazine Media Spotlight: From the New Yorker; "An Internal Memo to the Staff of a Magazine in a Romantic Comedy"
(Satire) "After an upsetting meeting with our parent corporation, Plot Device Publishers Ltd., it has come to my attention that we at Lady need to shake things up. The frenzy caused by the introduction of free Tide pens in the kitchen area for those frazzled-woman-on-the-go coffee spills has died down, and it’s time to make some even bigger changes around here..."
The Awl and The Hairpin Are Shutting Down
On Tuesday, editors of The Awl and one of the sister sites, The Hairpin, announced that the end had come. "Statements on the sites said editorial operations would cease at the end of January." Read more from the The New York Times.
2017 Was Ink’s Best Year – So How Will We Keep Surfing That Positive Wave in 2018?
Ink Global's Simon Leslie "’s becoming very clear that not all print is equal and I for one know that as a company I am delighted that we have firmly set our eyes towards success, growth, new technologies and new distribution channels. Our challenge is to continue to keep ahead of the ever-moving public and the connections that brands desire but I urge for journalists to not lump all print magazines together into that “decline” model."
Five Trends that Will Change the Media Landscape in 2018
From publishers taking on the digital giants to streaming services stealing tactics from traditional broadcasters, Marketing Week predicts the media trends that will take shape this year.
How Facebook’s Feed Purge Could Expose Publishers to Fraud
With Facebook favoring user content and deprioritizing publishers’ posts in its news feed, publishers will turn to traffic resellers to make up for the clicks they’re losing from Facebook, said independent ad fraud consultant Augustine Fou.
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