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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Digital Media Companies Are Headed for a Crash: Hearst Magazines President David Carey
Two-thirds of the profits at Hearst Magazines are still coming from print. And unlike other magazine publishers, David Carey says he’s in no rush to change that. “We reject this notion of ‘digital first,’ because we think that denigrates the core business,” said Carey, the president of Hearst Magazines, on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka. “We think there’s a lot of money to be made in the print business.”
Q&A with Steve Swartz, President and CEO of Hearst on the Future of Media
Among the notable perspectives shared by Mr. Swartz "In 2018, I would say at least 30 percent of the company’s overall profits will come from business content, business data and business software. We think this is the way for part of our company to cut through all of this clutter. The businesses we have on the B2B side are proving that if you have data or software that is used in your clients’ day-to-day activities, that’s a very powerful place to be."
GQ’s Adding a Product Recommendation Section to Its Site
"Last year, GQ surveyed its audience and found 40 percent of respondents visited their site for its product recommendations; another 30 percent wished GQ would offer more product recommendations." Reports Max Wilens.
The New Yorker Wants to Experiment with Standalone and International-Focused Products
For The New Yorker, newsletters have become so vital to its digital strategy that the magazine decided that it needed someone to run them exclusively. Dan Oshinsky, formerly director of newsletters at BuzzFeed, joined the magazine last August with a simple, albeit vital mandate: to centralize its newsletter operation, launch new newsletters, and help the overall email audience grow.
Harper’s Addresses Backlash Over Upcoming Article
“We find it disturbing that voices from the bog are criticizing and issuing threats over a piece that they have not yet read and is not even finalized,” a Harper’s rep tells Folio:. “We look forward to talking about what is and is not in the piece when it is published.”
Magazine Media Spotlight: Woman Who Created "Sh!ttty Media Men" List Outs Herself in New York Essay
Freelance journalist Moira Donegan said in a New York Magazine piece published Wednesday night that the list of sexual misconduct allegations was an attempt to solve the question of “how women can protect ourselves from sexual harassment and assault.”
Mia Farrow Feared for Son Ronan’s Safety During Weinstein Investigation for The New Yorker Magazine
“He shared enough of what he was uncovering for me to be increasingly concerned for his safety,” Mia, 72, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview released Wednesday. “But he knew and I knew that it was a moral issue. He had to continue, even when that meant putting a lot on the line.”
TIME Magazine's Latest Trump Cover Is, Literally, "Fire"
Marcus Gilmer: "Between accusations of being a liar, liar, pants on fire and Michael Wolff's new bestseller Fire and Fury, which looks at the mayhem in the White House, it seems fitting that President Donald Trump's latest appearance on Time magazine's cover is, quite literally, a fiery one."
Why the Ikea Magazine Ad That You Pee on Is (Maybe) Not as Weird as You Thought
The first thing to note, creative chief Magnus Jakobsson told us—and maybe this wasn’t clear before—is that the ad is not a coupon. “You don’t have to bring an ad soaked in urine to Ikea to get the discount,” Jakobsson says. (Whew.)
Digital-Only Magazine Covers Are Bringing Media Brands into the Digital Age
"...Companies like Nylon, Complex and "DuJour" are already fans, while celebrities are on board, too. Is this the new frontier?"
Google Is Using CES to Catch up to Amazon: Battle of the Voice Assistants Presents Opportunity for Content Creators
Throughout the week, both Google and Amazon have met with media companies, technology partners and marketers as they try to get more content for their virtual assistant products and expand distribution inside third-party devices, including connected TVs, connected cars and even smart glasses.
Consequences: YouTube Pares Back Logan Paul Partnership After Suicide Video Post
Google Preferred features YouTube’s most popular content in packages for sale to advertisers. Paul, 22, is one of YouTube’s top content creators, regularly drawing millions of views from his mainly youth-orientated audience.
How Many People Did That Story Reach? It Depends Who’s Counting
Publishers say they’re not getting credit for the audiences they’re reaching with social media videos" "The debate has also been shaped by two of the most prominent digital measurement firms. ComScore Inc. ranks media companies by the number of unique visitors they receive every month as counted by its Media Metrix Multi-Platform product. Those rankings track audiences on websites, videos and apps, but executives at BuzzFeed and Mic say they don’t account for their brands’ combined reach across social networks and the websites they own." writes Benjamin Mullin for the Wall Street Journal.
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