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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hearst to Double Frequency of Some Magazines in 2018
Hearst Magazines will be busy in 2018, finalizing the acquisition of Rodale, snapping up some magazines in the Netherlands and upping the frequency of two of its newest titles: The Pioneer Woman Magazine and Airbnbmag.
Hottest Magazine Launches of 2017
Mr. Magazine, Professor Samir A. Husni has selected the 20 “hottest” magazine launches of 2017: In February, the annual list will be whittled down to one — and that magazine will win “The Launch of the Year” at the American Magazine Media Conference hosted by MPA: The Association of Magazine Media.
A UK Perspective: Death of Magazines "Overplayed" As Titles Bid to Fight Facebook Effect
The Guardian's Mark Sweney writes "Despite a torrid year, leading media agency says UK consumer magazine market has been ‘seriously undervalued’ by marketers."
More on How Hearst Scored Record Profits for the 7th Consecutive Year, According to Memo from CEO Steven R. Swartz
Adweek Sami Main reports "The memo highlights the acquisition of Rodale in late 2017, three digital productions produced with Complex that each received 2 million weekly views and its most profitable magazines over the last 10 years: Food Network Magazine and HGTV Magazine." To read the rest of what investments and sales went well for Hearst in 2017 read more.
Magazine Media's Year in Review: A Series of Interesting Choices
From Playboy to Vanity Fair, several key decisions made in 2017 will have profound repercussions: Cable Neuhaus write "Seldom a day passes that a magazine executive isn't called on to pull a lever that has important consequences."
WIRED’s Store Celebrated 14 Years with Everything from a $55,000 Car to Marshmallow Crossbows
2017’s "edition of the store was in New York’s Brookfield Place and saw more than 15,000 visitors over 14 days, giving customers multiple types of products to test or purchase. While the majority of Wired’s revenue from the store comes from sponsorships by the brands that are featured, and it takes a small fee for handling the actual sales, the pop-up is a chance for the publisher to show it can provide retail as an experience, according to Maya Draisin, vp of marketing for Wired and the Innovation Collection at Condé Nast." wrote Sami Main.
Check out These Ski Magazines Before Hitting the Slopes
"Ski, ...pushes its Winter Olympics preview, as well as 58 tips to ski better. We imagine more than a few ski instructors appreciate tip No. 49: Enroll your kids in ski school because they’ll “take direction from others better than from parents, as there’s less temptation to push boundaries.”"
Reporters, Once Set Against Paywalls, Have Warmed to Them
“Until last year, I was a reporter, and as a reporter, God knows, I hated the ideas of paywalls,” said Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic. “It would have bothered me a great deal to think people were being walled off. I also have a feeling of sadness for people who have been behind paywalls for years. There are some publications that simply are not in the game in the same way because they have very hard walls. Those writers are dying for readers.”
Magazine Media Spotlight: Interweave Lists the Top 7 Reasons Our Next President Should Be a Knitter
"Vanity Fair’s video “Six New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton” depicts various folks suggesting resolutions for Clinton in 2018, to include hiking, taking up improv comedy, and yes, learning how to knit. The ensuing backlash is something to note, with her fans claiming that the knitting suggestion smacks of sexism. Whether or not the video is actually funny – or sexist – we’ll leave up to you. What concerns us is ensuring the general public is fully informed. Why shouldn’t Hillary Clinton learn to knit? In fact, we hope that every future US presidential candidate is a knitter. Knitting nurtures a variety of characteristics that would only serve to boost a candidate’s appeal and chance of success. So, for all of your aspiring public servants out there, here are the reasons why knitting skills will up your game and enhance your political platform."
Women's Health Magazine's Jen Ator on Morning TV
Women's Health Fitness Director Jen Ator appears on TODAY to share tips for cutting back your spending on fitness this year.
Ziff Davis’ Vivek Shah on Publishers’ eCommerce Fever
Shah: "I don’t view it as a fundamental problem with the businesses. Scale has always mattered, but it really matters now. A single-title publication, it’s harder."
Why SourceMedia Is Betting Big on Paid Content
An interview with Allison Adams, the B2B media company's newly hired chief subscription officer.
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