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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Condé Nast Is Named 2017 Luxury Publisher of the Year
Luxury Daily's Srtaff Reports "The Luxury Publisher of the Year award was decided based on luxury marketing efforts with impeccable strategy, tactics, creative, executive and results. All candidates selected by the Luxury Daily editorial team had to have appeared in Luxury Daily coverage this year. Judging was based purely on merit."
"Expectations Are Rising:" P&G’s Marc Pritchard Says 2018 Is the Year of Brand Safety
"I would rate the progress as very strong. The agenda was to drive growth, but to do it through better quality creative, driven by media transparency. Because we really needed to focus on getting a transparent media supply chain. We’ve focused on getting viewability data, third-party verification, transparent agency contracts, eliminating fraud and brand safety, which came later. A huge amount has been done this year." Says Mr. Pritchard.
L’Oreal Europe CMO: I’ll Pay More for Quality
To avoid cheap impressions, L’Oréal’s budgets are moving from open exchanges into private marketplaces, CMO Stéphane Bérubé said. In some markets, the advertiser is going directly to publishers to curate its own private marketplaces, a shift reliant on first-party data from areas such as L’Oréal’s limited e-commerce sales alongside data from publishers. Consequently, third-party data is becoming less important to the company’s campaigns, Bérubé said.
Fast Company Editor Safian Leaving After 12 Years
“‘One of the benefits of working at Fast Company is that you get to have insights and connections into so many different kinds of businesses,’ said Safian. ‘You can’t help but open your eyes to the new ways you could provide service.'”
How Involving a Guest Editor Creates Buzz, Increases Engagement
"Guest editorship in the magazine industry is used to create a buzz - it's often a way to garner attention. In the past, guest editorship has been often reserved for A-list celebrities. In 1997, Gwyneth Paltrow edited Hearst's Marie Claire, and in 1998, Susan Sarandon edited it. Bono guest-edited an edition of Conde Nast's Vanity Fair in 2007. In 2015, Michelle Obama guest edited Meredith's More magazine." writes Jessica Patterson at FIPP.
Q&A with California Sunday and Pop Up Magazine’s Douglas McGray
“Content Is About Earning People’s Attention… and Print is A Great Place For Stories To Live...Print is a wonderful medium. It’s a great canvas for design and photography; it’s a great place for stories to live. Sometimes you want to read on your phone, and sometimes you want to shut the world out a little bit, and print can be wonderful for that, where you have nothing but the story in front of you.”
British GQ and Universal Music Test Shareable Podcast Formats
Universal Music and Condé Nast men’s magazine British GQ are testing podcast formats that can be broken down into chunks for sharing and include images and graphics to accompany each chapter, rather than full 30-minute or hour-long shows.
Renault Buys Stake in the Publishing House Behind Challenges Magazine
Carmaker Renault announced that it is buying a 40 per cent stake in the Pedriel Group, the publishing house that produces the weekly business magazine Challenges.
Eluding Censors, a Magazine Covers Southeast Asia's Literary Scene
A top-selling magazine founded in Phnom Penh and takes its name — Mekong Review — from the mighty river that runs beside the city's low-rise downtown. Mekong Review was first published in October 2015, and each quarterly issue has featured a mix of about 10 to 20 reviews, essays.
Ellies 2018 Call for Entries Posted
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ASME Best Cover Contest 2018
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