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Monday, November 20, 2017

BoSacks Speaks Out: Impressive Digital Printing and the MPA's New Message
"I have no idea where the shift of messaging originated, but if it was Linda's (MPA CEO Linda Thomas Brooks) decision while in her first year on the job, I say bravo, and it's about time. For years keynotes by MPA spokespersons have been about digital metrics and billions of magazine brand "likes", so there was a certain amount of irony and, dare I say, refreshment to hear the new message "not to be fooled by fake content", and that the magazine media is better because you can believe it. Yes, magazine print is one of the last trusted parts of the media pie."
Why Magazine Mogul Tina Brown Is "Angry and Upset" at Google and Facebook
It’s time for the most powerful companies in digital media to stop playing dumb, Brown says. "“I am very angry and upset about the way advertising revenue has been essentially pirated by the Facebook-Google world, without nearly enough giveback — no giveback, really — to the people who create those brilliant pieces that are posted all over their platforms,” Brown said. “It’s high time they gave back to journalism.” She proposed the creation of a “huge journalism fund” for local media, even though she doubts that that would ever happen. Reports Kara Swisher
Brand Power: A Recap of Last Week's Conference
Among the impressive lineup of panelists and featured speakers, Tom Witschi president of consumer products, at Meredith Corporation shares how in changing times for the industry, Meredith continues to grow their audiences and the number of people who pay for content. He said that part of what differentiates Meredith from other companies is their expertise in combining audience intelligence with the authentic voice of their editors, creating content that resonates with the consumer.
Seventeen Launches "Here" a New Community by and for LGBTQ Teens
The social-first platform is both a resource and a place for teens to express themselves. "For teens who are still getting to know themselves and how they identify, it's especially difficult to navigate through the world right now," Editor Kristin Koch told Fashionista in an email.
Magazine Brands Cite Video for Increased Social Engagement
"Numbers show that consumer attraction to sight, sound and motion is undeniable." Writes Steve Smith.
The Atlantic Names Lorenzoni, McRae VP, Ad Partnerships
Together with Michael Monroe, the vice president of creative marketing group Atlantic Re:think, Lorenzoni and McRae will make up The Atlantic's senior team for sales and marketing.
FCC Rule Rollback Makes It Easier to Buy and Sell Media Outlets
NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Lewis Friedland about the FCC's decision to roll back rules that aim to curb single media companies' control of local news.
Axios: "Digital Media Struggles to Survive Technology's Chokehold"
The economic strains of technology on the entire media landscape are intensifying. Weeks after Google and Facebook announced record earnings, some of the biggest players in the digital media industry are still struggling to hit revenue projections, make profit or grow.
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