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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Print Icons Sputter, Magazines Push Anti-Fake-News Advantage
"-in early October the MPA (the Association of Magazine Media) announced a six-month ad campaign in 123 magazines promoting mags’ trustworthy, “expertly researched content” as an alternative to “fake news.” writes Phyllis Fine.
Magazine Media 360: September Fashion Is in Season—in August: Video Is Impacting Categorical Share, But Not a Lot.
Steve Smith writes "The great “video pivot” in digital media...gets encouragement from an audience expansion in August of 46.8% year-over-year. Indeed, video is the only overall area of raw audience expansion among digital channels, as we see desktop reach contract by 10.2% YoY in the August Magazine Media 360 Brand Audience Report."
Industry-Wide Advertising Campaign “Magazine Media. Better. Believe it.”
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media today announced that 123 magazine brands from 30 of its member companies have joined forces in an industry-wide advertising campaign to share the message that magazine media delivers the most credible, trusted, engaging content over any other form of media. Starting this month and running through March 2018 in both print and digital properties, the campaign is estimated to reach 75% of U.S. adults.
Attribution Accelerator: The Future of Marketing Measurement
Be there this October 12th for the future of marketing measurement. Attribution Accelerator is a unique forum designed and curated entirely by industry experts to quicken the pace of innovation, fortify the science, and galvanize the industry toward new solutions. (special 25% discount use code: MPA2017)
Glenda Bailey Talks Future of Magazines and Harper’s Bazaar 150th Anniversary
The longtime editor in chief, as well known for her clever take on imagery as she is for winning over advertisers, addresses everything from her rumored retirement to the elements of a collectible issue.
Angelina Jolie Covers Harper's BAZAAR's 150th Anniversary Collector's Edition Issue, November 2017
In the feature, the actress, filmmaker and humanitarian pens a letter from Namibia, in which she shares her thoughts on women’s rights today and our responsibility toward each other and our environment. The key message of Angelina’s piece is to keep the wild in the wild: Wildlife belong in the wild, and need our respect and protection. She also makes the case for finding a balance between humans and nature as a critical part of future rights for women—and in light of the breaking news about women’s rights, Angelina’s message on women’s rights and equality is more important than ever.
From ANA 2017: Time Inc.'s Voices of Leadership Video Series
On October 4-7 at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando, Time Inc. presented a video series entitled Voices of Leadership. Shown each morning as part of the general session to the 2,500+ delegation, each video featured insights from senior marketing executives and ad industry leaders on, respectively, Authentic Transformation, Trusted Environment, and Premium Data.
The New Yorker Tips Hat to New York Times over Weinstein Allegations
“The first priority we have whenever we are going to publish is that everything is in line, it’s accurate and it’s fair,” said Editor in Chief David Remnick: “My hat’s off to the New York Times. I think we called their story a powerful piece of journalism — and it is.” The New York Post Reports "The New Yorker’s article contains "some serious new allegations, including claims from three women saying the incidents reached beyond harassment to sexual assault and rape. It cited a tape from an NYPD sting operation in which an alleged victim wore a wire."
Forbes Launches French Print Edition
This first print issue is 184 pages and will have an initial run of 100,000 copies, the majority of which will be sold in shops and on newsstands with some copies going to business lounges, premium conferences and major public places.
A Magazine to Help French Readers Make Sense of the U.S.
In Paris, a team of editors have created a publication that examines the Trump Presidency and what led to it.
Waiting for The Digitally-Printed Magazine (or Catalog)
"Digitally-printed inserts and sections have been tested, and customized catalogs reflecting buyer history and preferences are a marketer’s dream. And inkjet continues its steady progress. A new generation of advanced continuous inkjet presses will enter the market in 2018."
This Crazy Ad Replaced Every Black Dot in an Entire Magazine with a Colored Dot
Elaborate media stunt promotes—better cell service? "Print advertising isn’t dead. In fact, it’s more insidious than ever!" writes Tim Nudd at Adweek.
New York Times Says "Junior" Editor Apparently "Violated Ethical Standards" After Video Emerges
“Based on what we’ve seen in the Project Veritas video, it appears that a recent hire in a junior position violated our ethical standards and misrepresented his role,” Times spokesperson Danielle Rhoades Ha told The Wrap. “In his role at The Times, he was responsible for posting already published video on other platforms and was never involved in the creation or editing of Times videos. We are reviewing the situation now.”
Media People: USA Today’s Joanne Lipman
"The things people care about on a daily basis are not necessarily whatever Trump tweeted today."
New Broadcast TV Season, Same Ratings Declines
After two weeks of the new season, traditional broadcast TV network viewership metrics are following similar results from a year ago — with double-digit-percentage declines. But the addition of time-shifted viewing is expected to offer a better picture.
AMMC 2018 Early Registration Roundup Web
All the research facts, charts, and data are ready to use in your presentations.
“The MPA’s IMAG community prides itself on sharing and learning from one another,” said Andy Clurman, President and CEO of Active Interest Media and Chair of the IMAG Financial Benchmarking Study. “As a board, we thought a benchmarking study would be the ideal way to provide member companies with key metrics to better understand how their performance compares to similar companies.” The survey was conducted in the last quarter of 2016 by Mazars USA, a global accounting firm. Only open to members of the IMAG community, participants received two sets of detailed results: one for all respondents and one broken down by revenue tier.
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