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Friday, July 21, 2017

Why Conde Nast, with the Help of Anna Wintour, is Turning to Hackathons to Innovate
Though the Condé Nast event catered to all publications — not just its fashion and beauty brands, such as Vogue, Allure and GQ — its impact has been wide-reaching. Last year’s winning team created an API that helps with SEO optimization that is now used by every publication at Condé Nast.
THR’s Recipe for Newsstand Success: An Older Woman on the Cover
Janic Min: "The print issue sold out instantly on newsstands in Los Angeles. The last time that happened? When Bonnie Hammer, then 64, chairman of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, was on the Dec. 10, 2014, cover."
A Tribute to Marie Claire Founder Évelyne Prouvost, Who Has Passed Away at Age 78
Marie Claire was first founded in 1937 by Évelyne's grandfather, the business man, politician, and media mogul Jean Provoust, but it ceased publication during World War II. It was Évelyne who revived it, buying back part of the magazines owned by her grandfather and founding the Marie Claire Group in 1976.
Print Proud, Digital Smart…
Mr. Magazine: In the past few weeks I have interviewed any number of CEOs and presidents from some of the biggest publishing companies in the world, and they’ve all had one thing in common: their strong belief in being print proud and digital smart.
Why Agencies are Becoming Media Companies
“Everyone wants to be a media company,” said Ezra Kucharz, a consultant and the former president of digital media at CBS. “People are looking for initiatives by scale. A production company or agency does not scale.”
‘It’s Just One More of the Taxes’: How Viewability Shortchanges Publishers
Now that ad buyers regularly buy ads based on viewability, publishers need to pay close attention to how their viewable impressions are being counted because what they can bill for depends on these calculations.
What Will Misinformation Look Like in 2030 (and Will We be Better at Spotting it by Then)?
A team of researchers worked with the Wikimedia Foundation to consider the future of fake news and propaganda. The full report includes ways for publishers to fight misinformation and censorship in the decades to come.
Town & Country's Stellene Volandes Discusses the Rising Cost to Raise a Child
Volandes takes a look at the escalating price of providing a child with a premier education.
Hearst UK Appoints Robert Ffitch to the Newly Created Role of Chief Strategy Officer
Ffitch was most recently Director of Advertising Revenue at the Telegraph Media Group, and before that was CEO at Manning Gottlieb OMD.
Richard Beckman Becomes King of ‘The Hill’
Beckman joins as the publication’s Web traffic has surged to 30 million unique visitors a month — with plans afoot to aggressively ramp up video. For example, the company plans to open studios in Washington, New York and Los Angeles by Jan. 1.
Publishers To Facebook's Paywall: 'Show Me The Money!'
From case studies to inspiring keynotes from industry innovators, the 2017 IMAG Conference offered invaluable insights and practical ideas for enthusiast brands. For a recap from the 2017 annual conference held May 22-24 in Marina del Rey - click here.
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“The MPA’s IMAG community prides itself on sharing and learning from one another,” said Andy Clurman, President and CEO of Active Interest Media and Chair of the IMAG Financial Benchmarking Study. “As a board, we thought a benchmarking study would be the ideal way to provide member companies with key metrics to better understand how their performance compares to similar companies.” The survey was conducted in the last quarter of 2016 by Mazars USA, a global accounting firm. Only open to members of the IMAG community, participants received two sets of detailed results: one for all respondents and one broken down by revenue tier.
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Wendy Hartley has her son’s last heartbeats tattooed on her chest. She asked the doctors to print out a tracing of them after they turned off his life support.

“I told them, ‘I carried his first heartbeat, I’ll carry his last,’” she said, tears slipping down her cheeks.