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Accio creates a new opportunity for revenue on publisher websites by monetizing their existing picture inventory. A quick setup with a snippet of code placed on the website allows Accio’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine to look for shop-able products within the article pictures. Image recognition identifies the objects in the pictures, matching them against a database of more than 10 million products. All results are shown as clickable images underneath the picture in a visually pleasing native format across screen sizes, and each image, when clicked, takes users to an affiliated e-commerce partner where a purchase is made generating commission for the publisher. There is a large network of e-commerce sites already, including Amazon, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Overstock, CB2 and many more.

Currently, the product categories are focused on furniture and home décor so shelter magazines can take advantage. Our growing database will soon include fashion, lifestyle and electronics products, which will extend the reach into many more magazine brands.

Accio offers a unique and effective solution for everyone—from web editors to advertising teams—interested in getting more revenue from their web presence.

Chartbeat, the content intelligence platform for publishers, tracks what people are reading on a second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel basis on each site, article and page. Our Chartbeat for Publishing (CBP) solution empowers editorial teams to maximize every news moment with real-time editorial analytics, home page optimization, headline testing, platform referral insights, audience engagement metrics and historical reporting. As the analytics partner for more than 50,000 leading media sites around the globe, Chartbeat strengthens the connection between article and audience to deepen engagement and take content to new heights—no matter the type of publication. Visit

MediaWorks 360 is a trusted solutions provider for optimizing audience development and customer journey management. Our solutions are designed to meet today’s media challenges:

Audience Development: Drive growth and create savings by supplementing or outsourcing circulation, newsstand or data. Whether you want to expand your audience through email, direct mail, social media, third-party partners, expire or retail marketing, we have the solutions you need.

Premium Memberships: Generate new, organic revenue streams by bundling assets to build unique, premium-priced subscription programs for enthusiasts. We bring the experience, expertise and platform—you bring the brand.

Database Management: We optimize subscription revenue by leveraging scoring algorithms, test matrices and marketing know-how. Individualized pricing and real-time data help us enhance the acquisition funnel and customize each customer’s journey more effectively and less expensively than other data companies.

Web-First Content Strategy: Our strategy delivers efficient, multiplatform publishing with a focus on digital first, curating the best for print. Coordinate content development, digital rights and labor costs of content across an enterprise in a unified interface.