American Society of Magazine Editors


Continental Breakfast | 8:15am-8:45am 

Leveraging Brands and Innovation for New Consumer Revenue
Meredith's strategies for national media brands to fuel growth and lead to best-in-class, revenue-generating experiences
Tom Witschi, President of Consumer Products, Meredith Corporation

Refining Prospect-Audience Profiles to Optimise Marketing Effectiveness and Maximise Subscription
How The Economist has mastered the art and science of slicing and dicing data to put the right offer in front of the right group of consumers, leading to record growth.
Mark Beard, Senior Vice President, Global Digital Media and Content Strategy, The Economist

The Future of Consumer Paid Products and Services
With one of the country's largest consumer databases, Time Inc. has transformed customer profiles and passion points into new and very smart business. 
Anup Swamy, Senior Vice President, Consumer Market Development, Time Inc

Take to the Oars
AIM's unique and innovative brand programs are designed to meet the needs of targeted enthusiast audiences, driving engagement and revenue from key consumers.
Andy Clurman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Active Interest Media

What's Different About Subscribers
Unlocking new revenue streams depends on unearthing new insights about readers who pay. Chartbeat looks at trends in loyalty across their global dataset and identifies 3 opportunities publishers can leverage today.
Terri Walter, Chief Marketing Officer, Chartbeat


Networking Break | 10:40AM-11:00AM

F+W: A Diversity of Revenue Streams
When 100% of your revenue comes from consumers, you know a thing or two about how to drive commerce from content. Tom Beusse shares what drives innovation and consumer connection at F+W.
Tom Beusse, Chief Executive Officer, F+W Media

Transforming Your Assets into Revenue Gold
Uncover ways to bundle existing assets in order to build membership programs and generate new products.
David Algire, Partner, MediaWorks 360

How Images Are Opening Up New Revenue Opportunities For Publishers
Accio reveals how its proprietary AI technology makes it easy for publishers to unlock new revenue streams by monetizing their existing picture inventory across platforms.
Ruman Agarwal, Director, Analytics & Attribution, Accio

Fashion's New Frontier: The Shoppable Magazine
Buying off the pages is a dream come true for most readers… but not every brand can build a successful business from it. Find out how 150-year-old Harper's Bazaar has mastered the newest take on fashion.
Katie Hobbs, E-Commerce Director, ShopBAZAAR

The Power of Condé Nast Brands: Unlocking Consumer Revenue
Condé Nast, home of some of the world’s most recognizable brands, shares how it approaches and develops brand extensions and consumer experiences.
Cathy Glosser, Senior Vice President, Licensing, Condé Nast

Networking Lunch