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Thursday, May 11, 2017

3 Solid Days of Ideas at the 2017 IMAG Conference, May 22-24, 2017
Register for the #1 conference for indies brands–and come away with ideas and innovations from enthusiast brands just like yours. Includes case studies and keynotes speakers from Amazon, The Atlantic, Bonnier, Facebook, Harvard Business Review, Variety, America’s Test Kitchen, TEN: The Enthusiast Network, and many, many more. Learn more and register today.
Time Inc. Chalks Up 1 Billion Video Views in April, Adds Live Video Shows
For the full year, Time Inc. is predicting its various online media outlets will generate a total of over 8.5 billion digital video views. To help power future growth, Time Inc. is planning to produce over 50,000 videos, including more than 1,500 hours of live programming this year, according to CEO Rich Battista.
Hearst Digital’s Troy Young on the Evolution of Video
“Web pages were never particularly good as a distribution point for video,” says Mr. Young, speaking at the NewFronts, where Hearst pitched its video roster to advertisers. “What we’ve seen in the last couple of years is the slow maturation of new distribution points for great brands and publishers like Hearst.”
TMBI Study Finds Social Platforms Preferred As Video Ad Partners
The study, conducted by Advertiser Perceptions on behalf of Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (TMBI), examines advertisers' attitudes toward digital video platforms and where they plan to spend their video advertising dollars. The 68% finding represents a 12% increase from TMBI’s previous digital video survey conducted in June 2016.
More on Meredith's Magnolia Journal Magazine Riding High
The magazine now has 700k paid subscribers. Since its launch, the magazine has developed a cult like following on social media. Subscribers upon receiving their copies like to share staged photos of the magazine.
People Magazine to Honor Welles Crowther with Third Annual Award
People magazine announced that would it would be honoring the heroism of Welles Remy Crowther, BC '99, with the third annual Red Bandanna ...
Q&A with ESPN’s Elizabeth Baugh: Access and Ingenuity Translates to Social Success
As a social media manager at ESPN, her role focuses on the conception and curation of original content, primarily as it relates to visual storytelling. She currently manages a small team of designers, working closely with ESPN The Magazine, and has found success translating the title’s features to Instagram and Snapchat.
The Associate Member Spotlight: Media Carrier
Explore MPA's Five Questions with Philipp J. Jacke, managing director at Media Carrier.—Among Mr. Jacke's responses: "Print is diminishing but will never be dead! Nevertheless the industry and its existing infrastructure will be facing tremendous game changers in the near future. Production, consumption and payment for content have to be redefined and adapted to new behavior and opportunities."
There’s a Good Way to use AAM's Media Intelligence Center and Then There’s the Smart Way
Download our tip sheet to learn four easy ways to amplify your company’s visibility and get more value from AAM’s Media Intelligence Center.
How The Atlantic Is Planning European Expansion
“We want to take the secret sauce from the U.S. That’s talent, and also a good experience from an advertising perspective,” said Hayley Romer, The Atlantic’s publisher, on a recent visit to the U.K. “It’s a place to gain perspective from a credible authority. A mix of daily news and thought leadership: We want to say why what happened matters.”
Whisky Advocate Redesigns Website, Expands Digital Presence
Marvin R Shanken, founder and chairman of Whisky Advocate parent company M. Shanken Communications, stated, “We recognized a need to create an enhanced digital experience to help whiskey lovers delve deeper into their passion and the world of whiskey.”
Twitter to Livestream “Essence Now”
Lapacazo Sandoval at the Los Angeles Sentinel writes "Essence is a big part of African-American women lives. The brand has taught us how to love our colorful hues and embrace our bodies—curves and all—and directed us toward places of knowledge by featuring the accomplishments of women, like us, who continue to excel in a plethora of professions. Essence gives us history, scope and hope."
The Face, the Magazine That Launched Kate Moss's Career, Is Coming Back from the Dead
The Face is now set to come back after reportedly being bought by the media company Wasted Talent: "The Face was a great music and culture magazine that filled a serious gap in stuffy UK media during the 1980s and 1990s."
A Special Thank You to Quad/Graphics
Thank you to IMAG 2017 sponsor Quad/Graphics—uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of special interest and niche publishers. Quad's dedicated special interest production platform and professional staff are focused on delivering magazines that meet your high expectations and provide an incomparable customer experience. Continual investment in prepress, press and finishing technologies provides you with flexible and comprehensive solutions in sizes ranging from standard to digest to journal, and an ability to add a wide variety of innovative enhancements that engage readers longer on the page.
Magazine Media Spotlight: Good Housekeeping’s Lori Bergamotto Appears on NY Live
Good Housekeeping’s Style Director Lori Bergamotto appeared on NY Live to share a chic & unique Mother’s Day gift guide for stylish buys moms will love.
IMAG Thanks Relevnt
Relevnt™ is the new all-in-one publishing platform that provides the optimal online destination to drive web and social traffic in mobile.—As architects of the new, real-time mobile web, Relevnt is solving the biggest problem facing consumers, content creators and media brands in mobile today: restoring relevance through the concept of ownership, control and monetization at a very low cost.
Snap Earnings Hit $149 Million, Users Increase 36%
While first-quarter revenue of $149.6 million was way up, year-over-year, it was less that the $158 million analysts were anticipating. The self-described “camera company” also revealed a quarterly net loss of about $2.2 billion, which was blamed on “stock-based compensation.”
ASME NEXT Magazine Workshop 2017
Register now for this two-day seminar for junior editors on magazine fundamentals. Sessions include: What Makes Magazine Media Work | The Role of the Editor | From Pitch to Print | Line Editing 101 | The Do's and Don'ts of Display Type | The Elements of the Service Package | How to Manage Your Career | The Art of Editing.
House Members Agree: Protecting Advertising Is Crucial
124 Members of Congress Voice Opposition to Eliminating Tax Deductibility of Advertising
House Members Support Status Quo Tax Status for Ads
The Daily Beast’s Redesign Cuts Homepage Articles by a Third
Lagardère Magazine Publishing Revenues Drop 5.6% in Q1
How Bloomberg Is Tackling Apple TV
Code in Your Underwear: Publishers Get Flexible to Keep Tech Workers
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May 22 - 24, 2017
Marriott Marina del Rey
June 21 - 22, 2017
Register now for this two-day seminar for junior editors on magazine fundamentals. Sessions include: What Makes Magazine Media Work | The Role of the Editor | From Pitch to Print | Line Editing 101 | The Do's and Don'ts of Display Type | The Elements of the Service Package | How to Manage Your Career | The Art of Editing

Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori Bergamotto appeared on NY Live to share a chic & unique Mother’s Day gift guide for stylish buys moms will love.