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Wednesday May 3, 2017

The Economist Records Double-Digit Digital Growth Since Trump Inauguration
During President Trump’s first 100 days in office, new subscriptions from digital channels grew 12 percent in North America, year on year, and 16 percent year on year, globally. The Economist had 1.46 million print and digital subscribers as of Dec. 31. In North America, it had 850,045 print and digital subscribers, with nearly 700,000 of those as print subscribers. Worldwide, The Economist has 345,425 digital subscribers.
Condé Nast Swings at Digital and TV in Its NewFronts Pitch
"Fake news, alternatives facts, fraud, non-brand-safe content," chief business officer Jim Norton told the crowd at Cipriani 25 in downtown Manhattan. "But the challenges facing our industry have inspired and energized us. Condé Nast has always been the place where quality content brand safety and engaged audiences have always been unquestioned." "So let me ask you," Norton added. "Do you know where your ads are running?"
Time Inc.’s VR Guru Is Forging a New Path Through Immersive Storytelling
Mia Tramz creates groundbreaking content: “I’ve gotten very comfortable with knowing what I don’t know and asking the questions that I’m most embarrassed to ask,” Tramz said. “But even if you’ve done a ton of research, once you get into production, you always face stuff that you never could have anticipated. I’ve learned big, scary lessons with almost everything we undertake.”
Associate Member Spotlight: VERTIQUL by Advontemedia
Five questions with digital media and design consultant and company president David Blankenship: "Keeping the the publishing business model profitable as a designed editorial and advertising supported deliverable while leveraging digital media opportunities. Our slogan,—'Every Issue Matters.'"
InStyle Expands to China
InStyle will soon be available in the world’s second-largest economy. Time Inc.’s fashion and beauty title is expanding its brand reach to China by partnering with Modern Lady, a Chinese weekly fashion magazine that will be rebranded as InStyle Modern Lady.
3 Solid Days of Ideas at the 2017 IMAG Conference, May 22-24, 2017
Register for the #1 conference for indies brands–and come away with ideas and innovations from enthusiast brands just like yours. Includes case studies and keynotes speakers from Amazon, The Atlantic, Bonnier, Facebook, Harvard Business Review, Variety, America’s Test Kitchen, TEN: The Enthusiast Network, and many, many more. Learn more and register today.
How Teen Vogue Is Maintaining Its "Woke" Momentum in the Trump Era
Now that a historic election is over, the Teen Vogue team is tasked with carrying on that momentum, with the Trump administration serving as a looming backdrop.
Cosmopolitan Says "I Do" to More Bridal Content — Q&A with Cosmo’s Amy Odell
Cosmopolitan director of digital editorial strategy Amy Odell: It’s not a new category for us. But the reason we decided to commit more to wedding content is because it’s performed so well in the past. We’d cover weddings and bachelorette parties when we had the idea for a story we wanted to cover. What’s different about this season for us is that we saw how our readers loved these stories, so we wanted to develop more in-depth coverage around the time of the New York Bridal Fashion Week.
John Legend, Michael Bloomberg and Glenn Close Headline Town & Country Philanthropy Summit
Town & Country is beginning its fourth annual Philanthropy Summit with a splashy list of speakers and five new sponsors: The summit will feature a special announcement from John Legend.
Karlie Does Heavy Lifting — InStyle's June Cover Features Karlie Kloss
She's on the cover of this month's InStyle, and she uses the opportunity to talk about her rise as a model (she wasn't born with her signature "Kloss walk.") Her cover shoot features robots, burning cars, and couture gowns, so needless to say, it's a must-see.
Mario Testino Takes Over Vogue India, With Kendall Jenner
Testino has guest edited the latest issue, with Jenner snapped in Jaipur's Samode Palace.
IMAG Thanks CMG for Its Support of IMAG 2017
CMG - Comag Marketing Group, provides publishers of many of the world’s leading magazine brands with comprehensive retail sales, circulation marketing and supply chain solutions for the mass market, direct-to-retail, international and specialty market newsstand channels. Through innovative consumer insights and analytics, CMG provides category management guidance to many leading retail chains.
Hamptons Publishers Squabble Over Beach Niche
Keith Kelly reports: "A pre-season brawl is breaking out on the Hamptons publishing scene as Michael Dickey, chief executive of Modern Luxury, takes aim at Cristina Cuomo and her new startup magazine, Hamptons Purist."
Magazine Media Spotlight:'s Mother’s Day Series kicked off its Mother’s Day series - “Thank You, Mom” – with a very moving letter that John Stamos wrote to his mom, who passed away in 2014.
MPA and IMAG Thank CDS Global
CDS Global is a sponsor of IMAG 2017. CDS Global helps media companies find success across print and digital with multichannel content and audience engagement technology. CDS Global works with you to leverage the power of your brands through data-driven audience engagement; right-time, 1:1 marketing; marketing automation; multichannel subscription support; global consumer acquisition; modern business intelligence; extensive payment solutions; customer care; and more.
The March 2017 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report Is Here
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media released the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report for March 2017. Total audience is up+ 1.7% versus the same month a year ago, By platform, Print+Digital is showing a +5.5% increase; Web (Desktop/Laptop) is down -12.1%, Mobile is down -1.3%, and Video is up+ 41.0%. For the third month in a row, Print+Digital audience is growing vs. same month year ago, up by nearly 50 million, adding to the Magazine Media 360° Total Audience. This is the first report in which we have seen even a slight decline in the Mobile audience. We continue to believe this flattening is due in large part to comScore’s methodology change initiated in Jan 2017, as well as an indication that this platform is approaching saturation. There are only a handful of magazine brands that have yet to develop their Mobile audiences to reportable levels.
The Global State of Digital Advertising in 5 Charts
Everyone Is Talking About AI, but What Does It Mean for Marketers Right Now?
Despite Widespread Mistrust in Metrics, Viewability Is Not Really a Thing in Video Advertising
Why Media Companies Insist They're Not Media Companies—Why They're Wrong and Why It Matters
The New 2017 Agency Report: Agency Revenue Up But Growth Rates Are Slowing—The Top Consultancies Changing Everything
The Fox in the Henhouse: Agencies Balk When Consultants Come to Audit
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May 22 - 24, 2017
Marriott Marina del Rey kicked off its Mother’s Day series -  “Thank You, Mom” – with a very moving letter that John Stamos wrote to his mom, who passed away in 2014.