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MPA Wages Aggressive Campaign Against “Exigent” Postal Increase


Within the next 10 days, the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors will make a decision whether to approve an “exigency” (legalese for emergency) filing that could result in a devastating, double-digit percent increase in postal rates for magazines. It is expected that the USPS Board will make its decision during a closed session on September 5th.  

MPA, in partnership with a nationwide coalition of postal customers named the Affordable Mail Alliance (AMA), is executing a highly focused and aggressive national and grass roots campaign to try to convince the Board and USPS management that a decision to seek an exigent increase would be unfortunate and counterproductive for consumers, commercial mailers and the Postal Service itself.

In a story published by Adweek on August 23, MPA President and CEO Mary Berner was quoted, saying, "We're supportive of five-day delivery, consolidation of facilities and reduction in the cost of benefits. This exigent increase is a distraction, and it won't help the postal system. We need to focus on legislation that gives the Postal Service the tools they need." (To read the full story, click here.)

MPA also helped coordinate a letter to each of the USPS Governors, asking them for an in-person meeting before the September 5th decision making session and explaining in detail the adverse consequences of a Postal Service exigency rate request: “Representing postage rate payers, we can assure you that any extraordinary rate increase—especially anything above the current CPI cap—would result in reduced mail volume, and, consequently, reduced revenue for the Postal Service.”

MPA is at the center of these efforts that could save magazines from having to pay an additional $300 million annually in postage costs. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Cregan, EVP/Government Affairs in Washington, at or (202) 296 7277.                                                                                                                                

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