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Retail Marketplace 2013 Highlights

MPA and PBAA's Retail Marketplace 2013 tackles the most important challenges in retail across the supply chain for print magazines -- driving sales, leveraging change, creating new opportunities and connecting with consumers.

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Mary Berner, president and CEO of MPA-The Association for Magazine Media, kicked off 2013s Retail Marketplace conference in Philadelphia on Tuesday by refuting fallacies about magazines and emphasizing the “enormous, almost unfathomable” opportunities for mutual benefit for the magazine category and retailers if they collaborate and innovate. 
Top executives affirmed the critical importance of the retail channel for magazine media, and offered their views on how publishers, retailers and other channel partners can stem sales declines and maximize the category’s performance and profitability. 
Numerous macro trends will transform the retail landscape between now and 2020. To succeed and grow, suppliers need to begin now to align with and partner with retailers on their changing strategies, stressed RetailNet Group’s Keith Anderson. Anderson summarized some of the key change-drivers that suppliers need to understand to achieve that strategic alignmnent, including societal and technological developments. 

Latest Directions for Retailers
During a panel moderated by Supermarket News editor David Orgel, food industry analysts Meredith Adler and Andrew Wolf provided Retail Marketplace 2013 attendees with timely insights on current and evolving trends in traditional supermarkets and other retailers competing in the food arena. 

How Editors Move the Needle at Retail
The chief editors of All You, Forbes, Food Network Magazine and Prevention shared how they position their brands' content to meet the needs of their core audiences in print and other platforms--including driving retail single-copy sales, in a panel moderated by Kable Media Services' Michael P. Duloc. 

Perception Vs. Reality: Print's Power in a Digital Age
Samir "Mr. Magazine" Husni offered statistics and arguments demonstrating the ongoing relevance of print magazines, as well as the futility (at least to date) of trying to turn a print-plus-digital magazine brand into an economically viable digital-only entity. 

Quantifying and Leveraging the True Value of General Merchandise at Retail 
Never-before-available industrywide data for the general merchandise category, shared by GMDC, reveal eye-opening facts about the true peformance trends and value at retail of the GM category as a whole (sales are actually up), as well as the contributions of magazines and the publications category. 

Retail Marketplace: Supply-Chain Leaders on 'Next Steps' for the Magazine Category 
In a panel, executives from publishing, national distributor and wholesaler organizations stressed that the magazine category needs to "change the narrative" with retailer partners, to drive home the category's full strategic value at retail--including its ability to drive sales of other products in stores through magazines' unique content authority and powerful, extensive digital connections with consumers. 

Retail Marketplace Workshop: Leveraging Retail POS Data
How are magazine supply-chain partners employing point-of-sale (POS) data garnered from retailers on scan-based trading (SBT)? What new capabilities might this data enable for the category? Publisher and wholesaler executives shared their perspectives during a workshop panel discussion at Retail Marketplace 2013.

Retail Marketplace Workshop: Magazine Models for Print on Demand
In a workshop at Retail Marketplace 2013, executives from Ingram Content Group (ICG) presented new models designed to enable magazine publishers to leverage print-on-demand to create new revenue opportunities.