American Society of Magazine Editors

MPA Statements Regarding USPS Delay of Five-Day Delivery Implementation and Exigent Rate Increase

April 11, 2013

In response to recent USPS developments regarding five-day delivery and a potential exigent rate increase, MPA has prepared the following statements:

MPA Statement Regarding USPS Delay of Five Day Delivery Implementation

The U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors’ action delaying implementation of USPS’ planned five-day delivery schedule demonstrates more clearly than ever the need for timely and comprehensive Congressional legislation to deal with the many financial challenges facing the Postal Service.  This reinforces MPA’s position that the Postal Service must have clear, long-term policy direction from Congress and the White House.  MPA will continue its lobbying efforts in support of comprehensive postal reform measures that include a rightsizing of all postal operations.  We appreciate the Board’s effort to eliminate ongoing uncertainty for mailers and continue to urge that mailers be given adequate notice of all changes in service so that publishers are able to adjust business operations and production schedules. 

MPA Position on Suggested Exigent Rate Increase

While the U.S. Postal Service Board statement suggests that postal management consider an exigent rate increase for postal products not currently covering their costs, it has long been our position that revenue shortfalls for flat shaped mail classes and products are due to postal inefficiency and excess capacity, and not due to elevated processing costs.  Proposed Congressional legislation in both the House and Senate last year contain provisions to deal with “underwater” classes, and the Postal Service should direct its efforts to secure a legislative solution that deals with all its challenges instead of singling out periodicals for punitive measures.