American Society of Magazine Editors

Magazine Media 360° FAQ

What is Magazine Media 360°?
Magazine Media 360° is a newly created industry metric that captures demand for magazine media content by measuring audiences across multiple platforms and formats (including print+digital editions, websites and video) to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of magazine media vitality. Magazine Media 360° uses data from leading third-party providers and currently covers approximately 145 magazine media brands from over 30 companies, representing 95% of the reader universe. The data is released monthly via The MPA Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report.  This effort, which launched September 2014, marks the first time ever any media industry has measured and communicated cross-platform consumer demand by brand. 

What does 360° measure?
The MPA Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report measures the audience for approximately 145 individual media brands by aggregating print audience, website (desktop/laptop/mobile) unique visitors, and video unique views (de-duplicated within each platform but not across platforms) for each brand. 

What is the frequency?
The MPA Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report is released around the 20th of each month for the previous month compared to the same month in the prior year.

How can I access the report and what does it include?
Around the 20th of each month, MPA releases Magazine Media 360° industry highlights and posts detailed data on its website ( for the previous month. The data includes overall industry numbers, as well as an alphabetical list of each individual brand’s year-over-year Magazine Media 360°data - both in total and by platform/format.  

Who is eligible and measured in the report? 
In order to be eligible, brands must be MPA members and tracked for print audience in GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® (print+digital editions), GfK MRI’s Teenmark® or the Ipsos Affluent Survey USA.  Titles must also be measured for digital audiences in either comScore or Nielsen Online for web (desktop/laptop) visitors and/or mobile visitors. If video viewers are available for a title, they will be included as well.  Approximately 145 magazine media brands, representing over 30 companies, reaching 95% of the available reader universe are currently participating in Magazine Media 360°. See page 3 for a complete list. 

What is MPA’s role?
MPA provides a template which publishers fill in with their monthly print and digital audience data by title (all of which is sourced from reputable research companies: GfK MRI, Ipsos, comScore and Nielsen Online) and return, completed, to MPA to be rolled up for dissemination. In certain instances, digital data for particular titles is provided directly by Nielsen Online to MPA for input. 

Why is this more relevant than previous measurements?
Yesterday’s print “magazine” company is today’s “magazine media” company, as magazine brands produce content for consumption across multiple platforms and formats. Traditional metrics report only segments of the industry’s consumer demand/advertising, under-reporting its audience and under-valuing its current and future business potential. 

How are you defining “magazine media?”
Magazine media are brands which publish, and are generally anchored in, a print magazine, for now, but which also may produce and distribute brand content on non-print platforms.

How accurate is Magazine Media 360°?
Magazine Media 360° uses only reputable third-party data to provide the most accurate and complete view of the magazine media ecosystem. Participating data providers include GfK MRI, Ipsos, comScore and Nielsen Online.