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Two new research studies on print effectiveness:

1. Print Campaign Analysis
The Print Campaign Analysis, a “meta-analysis “ conducted by Millward Brown, an authority in the assessment of advertising impact, examined nearly 100 ad effectiveness studies that the advertisers themselves had originally commissioned. Millward Brown’s report finds that print advertising results in the greatest increases in persuasion metrics—brand favorability and purchase intent—compared to other platforms. These advertiser-generated data also reveal that when advertisers used print magazine in combination with other platforms, they were most successful in raising outcome metrics, leading to the conclusion that digital platforms work best when they are connected to powerful traditional media, such as print.
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The Print Campaign Analysis by Scott McDonald, President, Nomos Research




2. Neuroscience White Paper
The white paper What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works? explores the possibility that our brains may process paper-based information differently from information transmitted on screens. A scan was performed on published research over the last ten years in the leading peerreviewed journals for the cognitive sciences—comprising cognitive psychology, learning and developmental psychology, linguistics and anthropology, as well as the newer field of neuroscience, whose focus on the internal workings of the brain has yielded important insights into human behavior.

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Watch webinar review of What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works by Scott McDonald, President, Nomos Research



Magazine Magazine Sales Guarantee
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The Case for Print Magazines
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Select PDRF Papers from MPA’s Biennial Research Symposium

The MPA’s Biennial Research Symposium honors the PDRF (Print and Digital Research Forum) with a selection of U.S. based papers presented at the forum. Select presentations from the 2013 Print and Digital Research forum in Nice, France were presented at MPA’s Biennial Research Symposium on January 13th, 2014 at the Hearst Tower.

Top Member FAQs of 2012

MPA's Director of Information Services reveals the most popular questions asked by member magazine media companies.