American Society of Magazine Editors


PUBLISHERS INFORMATION BUREAU (PIB)® is the premier source of consumer magazine advertising paging, expenditures and related information.   PIB® is a membership organization administered by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA). Both MPA and Non-MPA members are able to join.

PIB® is recognized in the industry as the most trusted source of print magazine ad data.  Agencies, advertisers, industry analysts and venture capital companies that share an interest in the print ROI component of the magazine industry regularly rely upon the organization’s reporting.

Published issues of approximately 200 consumer magazine titles and newspaper distributed magazine supplements are processed and verified each year available through Kantar Media.






Advertisers, agencies, magazine publishers and others may subscribe to Kantar Media products and services. Subscription fees vary by product. Please contact Kantar Media at 212.991.6087, for more information.

  • Page and expenditure gain/loss trending capabilities for 10+ years across publications, products and/or categories.
  • Ranking options to identify leaders in ad paging or revenue by publication, company, subsidiary, brand or across all levels of the PIB® classifications.
  • Management reports based on sales account assignments or sales territories for an individual magazine
  • Share of market reports that will show what a publication, product or category’s percentage (%) share based against its competitors. 
  • “Mutually exclusive” reporting allows for prospecting accounts that are advertising within a competitive set of publications.
  • Brand and publication detail reports provide in-depth views on magazine page positioning, ad type and ad color for a particular publication issue or an advertiser. 
  • Access to various multi-media advertisements.
  • Comprehensive multi-media advertising information across 22 media:

Consumer Magazines                                Syndicated TV

Sunday Magazines                                     Spot TV

Local Magazines                                         Spanish language TV

Hispanic Magazines                                   Outdoor

B to B Magazines                                        Network Radio

Tablets                                                        National Spot Radio

Local Newspapers                                      Local Radio

National Newspapers                                Internet Display

Hispanic Newspapers                                Internet Paid Search

Network TV                                                  Branded Entertainment

Cable TV                                                      Online Video                                                     

  • Aggregation ability of media properties (including magazines and their web-site counterparts) for multiple comparison purposes.

DirectHEAT: An account management system designed for media sales and marketing professionals.  DirectHEAT will assist you in the management of your active accounts and prospects as well as help you identify new prospects and opportunities.  Based on your Personal Roadmap which includes your properties, accounts/prospects and competitive set, numbers are crunched, graphs and charts are created, shares-of-market are produced, competitive analyses are generated and brand contact information is obtainable.  Insights are downloadable into Excel as well as presentation-ready PowerPoint document.  Sharing information is made easy by providing the ability to print and email information in one-click throughout DirectHEAT.

MagAdvisor: The premier information tool for publishers and research professionals, MagAdvisor delivers a full-page view of the consumer magazine marketplace. Its dynamic database, updated nightly, gives access to the most current information, and includes access to 10 years of PIB® Magazine detailed level information.  Page and expenditure information is available on more than 350 historical PIB® member publications, with links to print creative that can be downloaded for your strategic needs.  Find out who is advertising, where and at what cost in consumer and Sunday magazines. From your market share and client’s budget allocation to new sales prospects and more, MagAdvisor delivers the magazine insights that help you achieve sales and marketing goals.

Stradegy: The research tool of reference for multimedia media planning and buying across the advertising industry. Track the latest advertising activity to create cost-effective strategies based on detailed competitive insights customized around your needs. This flexible application allows you to zoom in from top-level overview to highly-granular detail. It provides comprehensive advertising information on over 3 million brands across 22 media covering $140 billion in advertising expenditures.

Ad$pender: Provides a fast, top-level summary of the multi-media advertising marketplace. This web-based tool spans five years of national summary spending trends for 18 measured media, accessible by industry, parent company, and brand. Data is available via customizable reports with easy data exporting abilities to popular spreadsheet and flowchart programs.

For further information about subscribing to DirectHeat, MagAdvisor, Ad$pender, Stradegy or for PIB® Customized reports, please contact:

John Ciotoli
Director, Magazine Sales
Kantar Media
11 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10010

For further information about PIB® membership, contact:

Elizabeth Tighe
President, PIB


How to Become a Member

All consumer magazine publishers who want to have their advertising measured are eligible to join. Applicants must publish at least quarterly and be elected to membership by a majority vote of the PIB® Advisory Committee.