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May 3, 2018

New York, NY (May 3, 2018) –The finalists for the third annual Imagination Awards were announced today by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media. The awards honor the innovative and transformational work of independent magazine media (IMAG) companies and brands and bring recognition to the many creative and revenue-producing programs that leverage unique audience connection.

“It is outstanding to see the breadth of titles entered in this year’s Imagination Awards,” said Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media. “From small, professional non-profit organizations to expansive home design and decor brands, the 2018 finalists reflect the diversity in the IMAG community and prove that independent media brands continue to create groundbreaking and impactful programs.”

The Imagination Awards recognize projects and teams across the entire company that capture the essence of a brand and demonstrate innovative thinking and imaginative tactics, well-defined business objectives, and successful execution and results. Awards are presented in seven categories: Audience, Content, Digital, Events, Leadership, General Revenue and Advertising and Native Revenue. The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges composed of senior executives from a variety of independent magazine media companies. Each category was judged by experts in their respective areas. For a list of the judges, visit

“We are honored to support this year’s Imagination Awards and celebrate the collaborative spirit of the annual IMAG Conference,” said Marc Passarelli, president, PubWorX ProCirc. “It is incredibly inspiring to see the work that is being done by these brands and to be able to share the stories of their many successes.”

Finalists were judged on ingenuity, effectiveness and their ability to enhance brand voice and serve enthusiast audiences. They are as follows:


  • Building a Trusted Space on Pinterest | The Family Handyman
  • HBR Paid Social Subscriber Acquisition and Engagement Program | Harvard Business Review
  • YOUR LAND | Landscape Architecture Magazine
  • Chasing Genius | National Geographic Partners
  • The Mad Science of Creativity | Scientific American
  • Take Action Now | The Nation


  • Catholics at a Crossroads | America magazine
  • The Great American Eclipse | Astronomy
  • Work and the Loneliness Epidemic | Harvard Business Review
  • Urban Expeditions | National Geographic Partners
  • The Great American Eclipse | Science News
  • The Next Pandemic |Smithsonian Media


  • AFAR & Nikon: World in Focus | AFAR Media
  • America’s Test Kitchen’s Digital Revenue Operations | America’s Test Kitchen
  • Habitat Magazine Website | Habitat Magazine
  • HBR Whiteboard Sessions | Harvard Business Review
    Serving Up Trust in a Crowded Space | Taste of Home
  • This Old House Insider | This Old House Ventures


  • Get Out More (17 Years Running) | Backpacker
  • Dirt Mag’s Kitchen Garden Tour | Dirt Magazine
  • Fine Woodworking Live 2017 | Fine Woodworking
  • MIT Technology Review Presents: The Business of Blockchain | MIT Technology Review
  • Smithsonian American Ingenuity Awards | Smithsonian Media


  • Keep Craft Alive, Powered by Fine Homebuilding | Fine Homebuilding
  • Harvard Business Review’s Consumer Marketing Team | Harvard Business Review
  • Launching an Established Company |Ink Global
  • Online Education Courses - Mountain Group | SKI Magazine
  • This Old House Insider | This Old House Ventures

General Revenue

  • Warren Miller Vintage Library- Flash Drive Sale | Active Interest Media
  • America’s Test Kitchen’s Digital Revenue Operations | America’s Test Kitchen
  • Habitat Magazine Website | Habitat Magazine
  • Building Sustainable, Profitable Revenue Lines: MIT Technology Review and the Many-Legged Stool | MIT Technology Review
  • The Nation: Travels | The Nation
  • This Old House Insider | This Old House Ventures

Advertising and Native Revenue

  • AFAR & Nikon: World in Focus | AFAR Media
  • Marmot Native Content | Backpacker
  • Weather Tracking | Backpacker and Climbing Magazine
  • Celebrity Cruises Corporate Underwriter/Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking | Fine Cooking
  • Gingerbread BLVD 2017 | Taste of Home

Winners will be announced at the Imagination Awards Gala on June 14, during the annual IMAG Conference in Boston, MA. The ceremony is presented by ProCirc and PubWorX, together offering customized solutions for publishers of all sizes.

For tickets to the IMAG conference and more information, visit

About the IMAG Community
Within the world of magazine media brands, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media has carved out a community of independent publishers to facilitate peer-to-peer convening, sharing and learning. Fueled by the passionate interest of enthusiast audiences, IMAG brands produce world-class content that captures the attention and loyalty of consumers. These brands continue to build, expand and monetize audiences and assets across platforms and formats.

About MPA
MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is the primary advocate and voice for the magazine media industry, driving thought leadership and game‐changing strategies to promote the industry’s vitality and increase its revenues and market share. Established in 1919, MPA represents 150 domestic, associate and international members. MPA is headquartered in New York City, with a government affairs office in Washington, D.C.

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Press: Skye Rubel

IMAG: Elizabeth Tighe