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June 27, 2018

NEW YORK, NY – June 27, 2018 – MPA–The Association of Magazine Media announced the release of its 2018/19 Magazine Media Factbook today, the definitive source of magazine media research. Since 1985, MPA has been compiling and packaging the most compelling and comprehensive facts and figures around magazine media. Derived from third-party sources and MPA’s own research and data collection, the new Factbook has 120 pages of current and useful information – 20 percent more content than last year’s edition.

“Magazine Media is distinguished from other media by its unique commitment to delivering credible content to consumers, and by extension, a safe environment for marketers,” said MPA’s President and Chief Executive Officer Linda Thomas Brooks. “In an industry that places premium value on verifiable facts and audited data, the third-party research presented in the 2018/19 Factbook will inform a year’s worth of conversations within our industry.”

The research continues to show that magazine media is the most trusted, inspiring and influential of all media, with an unmatched ability to drive sales.

This year’s Factbook includes new category data and charts from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Social Media Engagement Factor, showing that magazine brands are more engaging on social platforms than non-magazine brands. While multimedia comparisons from Engagement Labs indicate magazine readers are the strongest everyday influencers.

On the advertising front, new data from Signet Research proves advertising in magazines raises brand awareness and purchase intent, and new pharma Return on Advertising Spend case studies from Symphony Health and Meredith Corporation show magazines drive conversions to branded prescription drugs.

When it comes to credibility, the latest Edelman Trust Barometer shows that trust in platforms has declined, while trust in journalism is rebounding.  And that trust extends to advertisers. For example, new research from Quad Graphics shows that magazines excel in motivating consumer trial with featured samples and coupons.

MPA member partner Freeport Press is the sponsor and printer of the 2018/19 Magazine Media Factbook. It is used by advertisers, agencies, publishers, financial analysts, retailers, members of the press and educators. The digital edition of the Factbook is available in PDF format as well as downloadable slides at

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MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is the primary advocate and voice for the magazine media industry, driving thought leadership and game-changing strategies to promote the industry’s vitality and increase its revenues and market share. Established in 1919, MPA represents more than 150 domestic, associate and international members. MPA is headquartered in New York City, with a government affairs office in Washington, D.C.

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