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Eric Dallin

Vice President, Digital Marketing Development

Active Interest Media – Marine Group

Eric Dallin is vice president of digital business and marketing development for the Active Interest Media Marine Group.  As an entrepreneur, Dallin successfully launched in 2001 and became the first to distribute online video content for the real estate industry.  He went on to build a marine-focused video production company as well as a marketing services agency before working at Active Interest Media. 

Dallin is an entrepreneur, marine industry marketing expert, social strategist, consultant, technologist, event organizer, producer, photographer and speaker.  He has become an influential industry leader in marketing best-practices, on-site event video, digital production and photography services.  As a designer and digital artist, he has entertained tens of thousands of marine event participants throughout the U.S., the Bahamas and Central and South America.  This broad experience has helped him develop a unique understanding of the digital space and its impact on enthusiast consumers.