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EPAT-Informing Environmental Decisions

Special Offer for Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) Members

For a limited time, MPA members are eligible for a one-year EPAT subscription for $500 – 75% off the standard EPAT subscription price of $2000. Each EPAT subscription includes an “Introduction to EPAT” webinar training session led by EPAT developers Metafore.

Environmental Paper Assessment Tool® (EPAT)

EPAT® is an innovative, data-driven assessment tool that allows companies to match their environmental goals to their paper purchases.

EPAT offers magazine publishers an accessible and effective approach for evaluating and selecting environmentally preferable paper products by providing:

  • Consistent communication and greater collaboration with paper suppliers
  • Science-based, data-driven environmental decision-making
  • Supply chain data based on a life-cycle perspective
  • A framework for basing purchasing decisions on a company’s own environmental objectives
  • Ability to evaluate economic and environmental tradeoffs involved in every paper purchasing decision
  • Evidence of a strategic focus on environmental issues

Specifying and purchasing environmentally preferable paper requires the consideration of many

variables. EPAT makes that possible by providing the most comprehensive information and a user-friendly interface for determining paper products that best meets the environmental objectives of your organization.

Environmentally Preferable Paper Defined

EPAT assessments are based on a definition of Environmentally Preferable Paper as defined by the leadership companies of the Paper Working Group.  This definition is based on seven interconnected desired outcomes across the supply chain of paper that represent opportunities for improvement:

  1. Efficient use and conservation of raw   materials
  2. Minimization of waste
  3. Conservation of natural systems
  4. Clean production
  5. Community and human well-being
  6. Credible reporting and verification
  7. Economic viability

The Paper Working Group

EPAT was designed and developed by the Paper Working Group (PWG) – a collaborative project of Metafore and 11 leading companies – with the shared goal of making environmentally preferable paper products more widely available and affordable.

Using your MPA Special Offer

You can take advantage of this offer by subscribing to EPAT at or contacting Metafore directly at When subscribing, please indicate you are a member of the MPA.


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