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Deputy Editor, Arts and Entertainment at The Los Angeles Times

Join the hundreds of innovators, advocates and team members who are making an impact every day at one of the most iconic media brands in the nation. Whether you love to tell compelling stories or want to drive our award-winning powerhouse in new directions, the Los Angeles Times team is the place to be.

Job Description Summary

The Los Angeles Times is looking to hire an experienced, talented editor to help lead the reinvention and expansion of its culture and entertainment business coverage.


Responsibilities: This editor will be responsible for helping to sharpen and elevate our work, with particular attention to raising our digital game. Tasks will include assigning and editing stories; conceiving of and launching special projects and recurring features; top-editing everything from critical essays to investigations; plotting audience-minded approaches to important subjects; improving our digital headlines; helping writers and editors develop their talents and do their best work; assisting with recruiting and hiring; and helping seize the opportunity we now have at the Los Angeles Times to build a truly world-beating culture section.

Qualifications: Candidates should have 10 or more years of editing experience, at least five years of management experience, ludicrously sharp line-editing skills, excellent news judgment (and judgment generally) and a real way with people. They must be able to manage multiple deadlines and edit swiftly without sacrificing accuracy, insight or zest. And they should have spent at least five years working in a digital news environment—modernizing our digital offerings will be a key focus for this editor. 

Ideal candidates will also be:

  • Experienced arts and culture journalists with many years clocked writing and editing on culture and culture business topics
  • Idea machines—if you keep a note on your phone full of story ideas and update it more than daily, we’re especially interested
  • Excellent and nimble headline writers
  • Good at developing productive, collegial team cultures . Experienced at collaborating  effectively across teams and working on various platforms to build exciting digital offerings
  • Comfortable adapting to the shifting priorities that modern journalism necessitates.
  • Full of vim and curiosity about culture in Los Angeles and the world
  • Full of just as much vim and curiosity about journalism and where it’s headed

The L.A. Times is an equal-opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. To apply, please submit a resume and a cover letter that includes links to three things you edited and are proud of to Deputy Managing Editor Julia Turner at the apply link.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at the Los Angeles Times!  We look forward to reviewing your application.

For more information, or to apply, click here.

Friday, June 7, 2019
El Segundo, CA