American Society of Magazine Editors

Senior Writer at Wired

WIRED is looking for a senior writer to lead our business coverage—delivering scoops and analysis across all of our platforms. The ideal candidate will have an established track record covering the most important people, companies, and trends in the tech industry. They will have great contacts and relationships, as well as the proven ability to break big stories. They will also be able to not just cover events and releases, but give them context and meaning—explaining to readers not just what is happening, but why they need to know about it. This isn’t a stenography or PR job—this writer should be able to maintain relationships without pulling punches or compromising their reporting or writing. We are looking for someone who can contribute six long-form magazine features a year—including at least one cover—as well as contribute regularly to and help program our conferences. This is a crucial position—someone who will not only write for us, but act as one of WIRED’s most dependable liaisons to the tech industry.

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Monday, July 21, 2014