American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Yearsort descending Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Life 1979 Essays & Criticism Winner Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr., managing editor
Newsweek 1979 Essays & Criticism Finalist Edward Kosner, editor
Mother Jones 1979 Reporting Finalist Zine Klapper
Newsweek 1979 Public Service Finalist Edward Kosner, editor
Ms. 1979 Fiction Finalist Suzanne Levine
North American Review, The 1979 Fiction Finalist Robley Wilson, Jr.
Nation, The 1979 Reporting Finalist Victor Navasky, editor
Police 1979 Specialized Journalism Finalist David C. Anderson
Nation, The 1979 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Victor Navasky, editor
Progressive Architecture 1979 Single-Topic Issue Winner John Morris Dixon, chief editor
Nation, The 1979 Essays & Criticism Finalist Hamilton Fish
Psychology Today 1979 Service to the Individual Finalist Gerald G. Hotchkiss, publisher
American Journal of Nursing 1979 Service to the Individual Winner Thelma Schorr
National Journal 1979 Specialized Journalism Winner Richard S. Frank
Reader's Digest 1979 Public Service Finalist Edward T. Thompson, editor-in-chief
American Preservation 1979 Visual Excellence Finalist Peter Bradford
Architectural Record 1979 Specialized Journalism Finalist Walter F. Wagner
Natural History 1979 Visual Excellence Finalist David Ryus
Saturday Review 1979 Public Service Finalist Carll Tucker
Atlantic, The 1979 Fiction Winner Robert Manning, editor