American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalistsort ascending Editor
Sports Illustrated 1990 General Excellence Winner Mark Mulvoy, managing editor
New Yorker, The 1982 Fiction Winner William Shawn, editor
Virginia Quarterly Review 2011 Multimedia Package Winner Ted Genoways, Editor; Elliott D. Woods, Reporter and Multimedia Production; Jesse Dukes, Multimedia and Audio Production; Bluecadet Interactive, Web Design and Product Coordination
Inc. 2012 General Excellence (Active- and Special-Interest Magazines) Winner Jane Berentson, Editor
National Geographic 2015 Photography Winner Chris Johns, Editor in Chief, for January; Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief, for November and December; Sarah Leen, Director of Photography
Time 1999 Public Interest Winner Walter Isaacson, managing editor
GQ 1995 Special Interests Winner Arthur Cooper, editor-in-chief
CNET News 2004 General Excellence Online Winner Jai Singh, editor-in-chief
Time 1985 General Excellence Winner Ray Cave, managing editor
Mother Jones 1980 Reporting Excellence Winner Zina Klapper
D Magazine 2012 Profile Writing Winner Tim Rogers, Editor
New York 2015 Magazine Section Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
New York 2017 Single-Topic Issue Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
Tablet Magazine 2010 Podcasting Winner Alana Newhouse, editor-in-chief, Julie Subrin, executive prodcuer, audio, Sara Ivry, podcast host
Atlantic, The 2003 Public Interest Winner Cullen Murphy, managing editor
Architectural Record 1972 Specialized Journalism Winner
Atlantic, The 2013 Essays & Criticism Winner James Bennet, Editor in Chief; Scott Stossel, Editor
The New Yorker 2014 Essays & Criticism Winner David Remnick, Editor; Pamela Maffei McCarthy, Deputy Editor
New Republic, The 1991 General Excellence Winner Martin Peretz, editor-in-chief
Good Housekeeping 1989 Personal Service Winner John Mack Carter, editor-in-chief