American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
National Geographic Traveler 2018 Digital Innovation Finalist George Stone, Editor in Chief
5280 2018 Leisure Interests Finalist Daniel Brogan, President and Editor in Chief; Geoff Van Dyke, Editorial Director
The New Yorker 2018 Video Finalist David Remnick, Editor
Outside 2018 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Christopher Keyes, Vice President and Editor
Saveur 2018 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Adam Sachs, Editor in Chief
Men's Health 2018 Design Finalist Matt Bean, Editor in Chief
Consumer Reports 2018 Personal Service Finalist Gwendolyn Bounds, Chief Content Officer
TIME 2018 Digital Innovation Finalist Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief
Bicycling 2018 Leisure Interests Finalist Leah Flickinger, Editor in Chief
The Outline 2018 Video Finalist Joshua Topolsky, Editor in Chief
Texas Monthly 2018 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Tim Taliaferro, Editor in Chief
Teen Vogue 2018 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Elaine Welteroth, Editor in Chief; Phillip Picardi, Digital Editorial Director
Wired 2018 Design Finalist Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief for January; Nicholas Thompson, Editor in Chief for April and September; Billy Sorrentino, Head of Creative, for January; David Moretti, Creative Director, for April and September
Grist 2018 Personal Service Finalist Scott Dodd, Editor in Chief
Bon Appétit 2018 Leisure Interests Finalist Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief
Vogue 2018 Video Finalist Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief
The New Yorker 2018 Feature Photography Winner David Remnick, Editor
New York 2018 Website Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
The New Yorker 2018 General Excellence (News, Sports & Entertainment Magazines) Winner David Remnick, Editor
Seventeen 2018 Personal Service Finalist Michele Promaulayko, Editorial Director; Joey Bartolomeo, Executive Editor