American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Harper's Magazine 1976 Fiction and Belles-Lettres Finalist Lewis H. Lapham, editor
Time 1976 Public Service Finalist Henry A. Grunwald, managing editor
Horticulture 1976 Visual Excellence Winner Paul Trachtman, editor
Town & Country 1976 Service to the Individual Finalist Frank Zachary, editor-in-chief
Modern Medicine 1976 Service to the Individual Winner Paul D. Scultz
United Mine Workers Journal 1976 Specialized Journalism Winner Matt Witt, editor
Money 1976 Visual Excellence Finalist William S. Rukeyser, managing editor
Vogue 1976 Visual Excellence Finalist Alexander Liberman, editor-in-chief, Deborah Turbeville, photographer
National Wildlife 1976 Specialized Journalism Finalist James E. Doherty
Washingtonian, The 1976 Fiction and Belles-Lettres Finalist John A. Limpert, editor
New Times 1976 Reporting Excellence Finalist Jonathan Z. Larsen
Art in America 1976 Specialized Journalism Finalist Elizabeth C. Baker
New Yorker, The 1976 Public Service Finalist William Shawn, editor
Atlantic, The 1976 Fiction and Belles-Lettres Finalist Robert Manning, editor
New Yorker, The 1976 Fiction and Belles-Lettres Finalist William Shawn, editor
Audubon 1976 Reporting Excellence Winner Les Line, editor-in-chief
Newsweek 1976 Reporting Excellence Finalist Osborn Elliott, editor
BusinessWeek 1976 Public Service Winner Lewis H. Young, editor-in-chief
People 1976 Visual Excellence Finalist Richard B. Stolley, managing editor
California Journal 1976 Specialized Journalism Finalist Ed Salzman, editor